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Guerrilla Module. Problems, Ideas, Feedbacks

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#21 Milanezu



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Posted 19 February 2016 - 03:30 PM

this started as a joke, but wouldn't it be neat to have weapons specialized based on the country you are from?

#22 Milanezu



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Posted 19 February 2016 - 03:40 PM

I want to see how you will be played with ''bonus dmg 0'' against ''bonus dmg +2''. Literally I maybe won one out of ten battles... And this is maybe... I loses more because of that +2dmg bonus. How do I Recover stats if I find in battles opponents with +2dmg bonus? 0dmg and +1dmg fighters i found few when scounting...



now it doesn't matter who do you play against with all the random in the world stacked in one guerrilla fight. I lose most of my battles against lower rated adversaries and win against the ones that start with similar health and damage bonus


BUT if the guerrilla comes back to being somehow logic and skill based (and that stupid assault riffle is pulled out of the game), then it's quite easy (or not that hard) once you understand the mechanics of the shoot-out. With a lot of juggling around, movement, well placed dodges(gold items only) and always remembering that it is not about killing the opponent if you want only the victory. 


And by logic and skill based, I mean percentages being real. No more horsing around with critical shots from 177m with the sniper (I had quite a lot of those myself and some won me battles on the last shot) and 558m misses with the riffle. Have an exact range and stick to it. 686m with the assault riffle shouldn't be a 86% chance of hit, but 50 (or below) and that 50% should literally mean that 1 in 2 shots gets in (not 5/5 or 0/5). 


But yeah, as it is now, those +2 or +1 damage bonuses mean nothing. If there is something that makes the difference is those special armors 

#23 Milanezu



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Posted 19 February 2016 - 03:57 PM

It was impossible to win against high strength players before and it is hard to win against them now, because those stats did not change when guerrilla was updated and it hurt mostly low strength players that could not amass victories against such opponents. I've put into guerrilla more effort than you know and I am truly sick of hearing this shit from players with +2 damage who are afraid to lose their precious bonus damage.

1604 W - 2004 L  Your argument is invalid.


you can't be more sick than I am when I hear players that couldn't be bothered to work out some logic start bitching around that life is unfair. Seriously, you're basically telling me that the difference on how we both play/ed the game should mean nothing and that everything should be made equal and any kind of historical achievement (whether it was time related or effort related) should be erased so that we all live in peace and harmony. What happens when the next round of users like you come around? They'll start complaining as well...and again..and again. 



My argument would be invalid if you did more than 50% of your fights when the bonus was still strength related - which you cannot argue that it was not made in such way to try to match similar strength levels and only every now and then you'd get insanely underpowered players- (otherwise, I still think that you didn't bother to put enough effort into it - and you're not the only one with more than 2k fights that didn't bother about that ratio, but you are the only one complaining). And it was possible to win against higher rated adversaries (+15/+10 and below), as I did it quite often. 1 in every 10 victories was against better rated players. I also lost against players which I had an advantage over because they were that good and ended up being top10 guerrilla players in the game later on. 



Anyway, I do hope you get my point, otherwise...peanuts. It was the same when users complained about the differences in strength and moaned about how it will never work out...and take a look now on what's happening in the lower divisions. "Smart" players found their ways around it

#24 Milanezu



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Posted 19 February 2016 - 08:59 PM

uuu...I have an idea


wouldn't it be nice to take those wankers that handle the guerrilla module and make them fight in a guerrilla challenge...with a twist.

The loser will be declared the one that encounters the highest number of misses per match. After each match, the loser gets a finger chopped off...live. 

Best out of 11

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#25 M3gatr0m


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Posted 20 February 2016 - 01:11 AM

- add a medal

- remove the +1 +2 dmg

- let us sell the unuse weapons

- add more weapons

- in the events, let us fight against plato, lana and the headless chicken :)

- give us more rewards for win. Maybe PP

- let us use the useless tanks :D

- let us customise our uniform

- add energon.. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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