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Reward For Working In A Row For A Long Time

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Posted 22 March 2017 - 12:44 PM

I have a proposal for the admins of this game and i need feedback from you.
A few years ago you need to work 30 days in a row to get a Hard Work Medal (rewards the loyalty and steadfastness of the citizens in the workplace for each worked 30 days). 
Now you need to work 30 days (not in a row) to get Hard Work Medal and the corresponding 5 Gold.
But a counter for worked days in a row still works and some player working every day for several years.
In the game there are rewards in the form of +x Energy Centers to loyal players who have reached a certain level (300 and 400), but there is no reward for working in a row for a long time. 
So is it possible to create rewards +x Energy Centers on the number of days worked in a row starting in 50 or 100 days there is x = worked days in a row.
For example, I worked 2000 days in a row and I get +2000 Energy Center but If I miss one day, I again have to work out 2050 days in a row to get +50 Energy Center that be added to the existing +2000 Energy Center.
This award does not violate the balance of the game, because not every player able to work in a row a large number of days.
More players stay online in a game every day to get this reward.
More players - more fun.
Best regard

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#2 Mitsou


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Posted 30 March 2017 - 08:41 AM

Good idea to reward players who are playing this game every day!


But it will be very frustrating if you play (work) 400 day in a row then forget one day and you have to start again from the 0. And no more reward until you reach your previous record.


It should count the days from the introduction date of this feature otherwise it will cause an uproar among the players. For example there are players who already played (worked) 2000 days in a row earlier but 1 or 2 months earlier they missed a day.


Anyway the dedication of players should be rewarded somehow. But if it will be based on just the working, then some smaller frequent rewards would be better. The other game of erepublik labs (word at war on android) have a daily reward system which gives you small goods too (resources, boosters, etc) if you just log in.


My suggestions for rewards:


- 30 day +100 energy center if the player loging in (or working) 30 consecutive days, or

- 1 free pack after 180 day (6 months) working in a row (maybe it would atract players to buy packs who never buyed anything until now, it would be benefical for the erep too), or

- 1 free market licence for the first 100 days in a row, or

- guerilla items every 10 days in a row, or

- PP booster every 20 days, or

- free spin on power spin (but I think the devs removed it from the game maybe because it was based just on pure luck), or

- or the combinations of the above



These are subject of change of admins. So please developers, put it in your priority list somewhere :)





Stubborn/dedicated player medal



And of course sir Salyer85, you deserves a medal too!

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