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Res Belgica, For A Better Ebelgium

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Posted 17 August 2013 - 10:41 PM

Res Belgica is the first largest political party in Belgium and is trying to be a neutral moderating element in a highly ATO/PTO polarized country right after its independence. The party is known for its pluralistic attitude to judge people based on their actions and not on their RL background, and for its preparedness to engage in constructive dialogue with all sides. Leaning towards the left wing of the political spectrum, Res Belgica is also dedicated to the ideals of solidarity and social assistance for those in need.

The party was taken over by shadowukcs early 2011 and was used in an attempt to bring more "lulz" to eBelgian politics, and didn't return until Xgentis Lempereur, a former Res Belgica party member, restored the party to its former glory.


Party Ideals

In this document we will try to explain what this party stands for and what our plans for the future are.

The most important thing is Res Belgica is a party for the people that want to contribute something useful to this country and its citizens. We encourage our members to take responsibilities but only when they are certain they will be able to invest the right amount of time in it. We believe in initiative, you don’t need tons of experience to work for your country, doing something is the best way of gaining that experience. Of course we do not believe youthly enthusiasm is all you need, we have more than enough experienced players to provide information and help when it is needed. Thus, the most important points of our party are initiative and activity.

A good organization needs good communication. Whether it’s the government, a company or a party communication is a foundation for every action. Therefore we at Res Belgica believe in openness in our official messages. Every citizen has the right to know what is going on so he or she can make a funded opinion about the welfare of our country. Keeping secrets is not a good way to govern, it will only lead to mistrust and hostility and that are two things we are better without.

Ever since the rebirth of this nation it has been tainted by dirty politics and people spreading hate for others. We have never joined those actions, we don’t believe in winning the people for us by spreading hate about others, we try to win citizens for our cause by being fair and working hard for it. That should be the core of every government. This leads us to the third important milestone of this party: Integrity. We stand for fair politics with cooperation and without hate. This way we will do what is best for our country and not only what’s best for us. In Res Belgica you will not find any secret moves, but only openness and contribution by everyone.

Our last milestone is our social work. This party has always done everything it could to help those in need. Even when eBelgium wasn’t on the map yet we did our best to support young Belgian players in this game and we have never stopped doing it. Our social program is there to distribute food to those in wellness trouble and providing basic information to new players so they have the chance to grow in this game. On top of that we have our own company whose task is to allow new players to work at a very nice wage for a low skill level: Fair trade Food. The social program will always be an important part of this party and we will never abandon it to free recourses for a personal success. New players deserve every help they can get.

Apart from all those political milestones, we at Res Belgica don’t forget we are playing a game. Therefore we promote one thing above all: making a lot of fun and I sincerely believe we are succeeding in that.




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Posted 17 August 2013 - 10:48 PM

Lots of text, but very nice.

For more info, look at my wikipage

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Posted 18 August 2013 - 08:47 AM

we only search for people that take their time to read a presentation in order to chose a party, not people that will just chose a random party. :lol:

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