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Income Tax Replaced By Work Tax

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Posted 18 August 2013 - 09:36 AM

What is Work Tax? 

The Work Tax is similar with the current Income Tax but it will apply not only for employees but also for the ones that Work as Manager.

Who decides the level of this tax? 

The Work Tax will be set by the Congress, and can have a value between 1% and 25%. 

How is the Work Tax calculated for working as manager?

The tax will be calculated based on the average salary in their country in the last 30 days. The actual of the Work Tax is the percentage set by the Congress applied to the average salary. 


In country A the average net salary paid in the last 30 days is 10 currency and the voted Work Tax for the country A is 10%. In this case, the value of the Work Tax for Work as Manager will be 1 local currency. The Work Tax will be applied for each company in which a player works as manager. Therefore if a citizen owns 5 companies and works as a manager in all of them, he will pay the value of the Work Tax multiplied by 5. If the citizen doesn’t have enough money to pay the Work Tax, he will not be able to start production in his companies. 

How is the average salary calculated?

The average salary is calculated based on all the net salaries paid by employers from a specific citizenship country in the last 30 days (the citizenship of their employees doesn’t matter, what matters is the citizenship of the employer). 

How is the Work Tax calculated for working as an employee?

For the citizens who work as employees, the Work Tax will behave identically as the old Income Tax. 

This new tax will provide countries with a supplementary source of funding and will give the Congressmen and Presidents a new tool that can help the countries make a step toward improving the state of the economy. 

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