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Can my family members play eRepublik?

Yes, they can. However, we highly recommend not to make any transactions between the accounts, vote for each other in the elections etc.

Why can’t I recover energy with food, even though I have some food in my inventory?

You have probably used up all your recoverable energy. Hence, you will need to wait until it loads again, you can recover 10 energy every 6 minutes.

Why can’t I assemble my bazookas?

You need to have at least 150 Strenght in order to assemble the bazookas.

How can I earn money?

You can earn money by working in someone else’s company or you can also earn money by selling on the market (might be worth to do some calculations beforehand).

How can I get more food or weapons?

You can get more weapons or food by simply purchasing them on the market or completing the missions. You should also read through the newspapers of the Ministries of Defence or Education in order to see if your country has any charities or food giveaways. If you cannot find such information you could always send a message to your Country President or Minister of Education.

I have worked and trained.  What can I do now?

There are quite few things you can do... You could try to complete the missions or you could read through the press of your country to see what’s happening. You can also come and join us on IRC where all the fun takes place. You might want to read this guide to find out how to join the IRC and you can see the list of channels here.

How does the Battle System work?

All players are divided into 4 divisions based on the level. Each battle is made up of numerous mini-battles. The wall in each division and each mini-battle has to be over 50% in order for the country to gain the points every one minute (10 points is awarded in first 30 minutes, 20 points is awarded between 30-59 minutes, 30 points is awarded between 60-89 minutes and 60 points is awarded after 90 minutes). When one side reaches 1800 points, then a mini-battle is won. Once a country wins a division they get points towards the total score based on divisions. When one country in a battle gets 83 points, the battle is won.


I have forgotten my Safety Code, how can I retrieve it?

You can retrieve your safety code by sending a ticket to the Game Support Department.


My account has been hacked and I did not have the Safety Code set. All of my companies/training grounds have been downgraded, can I get a refund for them?

If your PIN/Safety Code has not been set, you will not be able to get any support/refund for your lost items/companies/training grounds.


I have changed my nick. Why is my ticket page blank?

This is quite a common issue, send an email to support@erepublik.com providing your account link.

How can I get my API key?

You can get an API key by sending a ticket to Game Support Department.


Will temporary energy buildings of the same capacity extend my energy recovery limit?

No, you can only have one temporary energy building of each, if a citizen has one activated already, the expiration time is extended.


Can you tell me what special offer will be next and when will it be available?

Unfortunately, we don't have any information regarding future special offers and such details won't be released until the offer is visible to everyone.


Can I cancel my citizenship request?

No, citizenship requests cannot be cancelled, they automatically expire 5 days after you apply.


How can I delete my account?

You can request your account removal by sending a ticket to the Game Support department, through the Contact page.


If I want to create a new account and want to start fresh, can I transfer my assets from my old account to my new account?

No, it is against the eRepublik Rules to transfer assets from your old account to your new account.

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