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Recruiting Unofficial Mu (G.i Joe)

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Posted 01 October 2013 - 03:49 AM



G.I Joe is the unofficial Military Units only exist when country is in danger or need to be resistance.


(Maybe someone already used this mark but haven't seen one yet >     ㅁ< )



<Mission 1>


- chat system is not planned yet...but maybe later >_<

  (When you are very boaring, don't quit. I will or we will encourage you)


- Nice and repected users only~ let's play it together.

  (If you are new, it's fine. just act nicely.)


- economical support is very limited. Our main goal is 'to stand on our own feet'

  (But if you received something from your friend, you need to pay it back...for helping another new users~ >_<)


- plan to go vacation.

  (It's fine. just come back later any time you want to play ^ ^

   think it as 'commenwealth' society MU.)



If you are interested, add me as your friend


http://www.erepublik...profile/3529886    <--- My profile




(Currently, I am accepting American citizens only...but plan to add our allliances later.)




P.S: the country maybe fall down...land, govt and everything...except one thing...

       US...                                         Yo~ Yo~ -   0- /

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