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Hi From Greece Although I'm Not A New Citizen

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Posted 13 November 2013 - 12:24 PM

Hello everyone, i just want to say my pretty short story of this game. I created my original account at 2010 after an email i received playing another browser game. At the moment i wasn't interested on playing erepublik. Every couple months i was receiving emails on that game again and i remembered that i was registered so in some cases i was just checking the account doing nothing else. About 1.5 month ago, i decided to play this game. Because of my studies and of my job and the fact that its a bit cold (currently in Sweden) i was many hours over my computer for like 20 days in a row. This is where it's getting interesting. Playing many hours per day and by gathering the Halloween bazooka parts plus, 5 missiles from a quest and the damage booster i managed do inflict high damage in 1 battle (1.851,049) and using the normal bazooka parts and the booster again in a second battle inflicted a high damage again (can't see how much) and together with some smaller battles i reached rank 1 on national damage for the small division reaching around 3.800.000 damage at the 5th day of the week while the second was at around 2.200.000. So, one night i received a message (while defending at a resistance war in Egypt) by an Egyptian citizen speaking Greek, asking me who is my main player (he couldn't believe i had such a high damage without even a "hard worker" medal). I responded that i this is my main account and that he should stop bothering people like that. As a result the 6th day of the week, when i tried to log-in i saw that my account was suspended for creating multiple accounts.


Citizen: kopast - 3602751<br />Punishment type: Permanent Ban - ID: 9501556<em>
You have not respected the 3rd eRepublik Citizen Law:
"Thou shall not create or administrate multiple accounts"
</em><br /><strong>In your appeal message you wrote the following information:</strong>&nbsp;<em>Is this some kind of a joke? I created this account 3 years ago after a message i received in another browser game and i received another one a few weeks ago and so i remembered it. It's very easy to verify that i don't use other accounts since i m permanently living in Sweden for the past 2 months. Can u tell me what is this all about? thanks in advance</em> 



Your appeal has been registered and your case has been reanalyzed by the appeal committee.
The initial decision has remained unchanged.
The eRepublik team 


P.S. Just to clarify something, this isn't about getting my account back. Haters don't bother. This post shows that it can happen to anyone.
P.S.2 If "The eRepublik team" feels like i m lying and that their clues are so strong since "my case has been reanalyzed" (what a joke) feel free to show us all the evidence.
I will however try to send this message to any possible supervisors i can find.
Take care.


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