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Posted 16 November 2013 - 12:06 AM

A Brand new Military Unit called Log Horizon have been founded, Log Horizon is a Military Unit based in the eCanada. With the goal of making eCanada Stronger, gouvernement are not affialiated with us and we do not receive funds of them. We are aiming for self-supplying of our MU, active fighter ( daily ), Workers Commune, working as one, to achieve greaters thing. If you are still interested in joining us after reading the DO Reward Programs & Workers Commune explaination. Who want to have a Military Career, then contact Klaus Winchester.
Daily Order Rewards Programs:
How do I register in the DO Rewards Program?
Become a Full Fledge Member + Workers Commune  designated by the Mu Commander.
Who manages the DO Program?
Klaus Winchester, oversees the program and is responsible for supplying the tanks and food.
How do I earn supplies?
Rewards are based on the number of kills you make each day. 25 or more kills (ie. completing the DO) will earn
How often are supplies given out?
Every days the DO Rewards are handed out. Sometimes this will be delayed when suppliers go on holiday, but usually there is advanced noticed of this.
Why didn’t I get my supplies? What should I do if I don’t get my supplies?
Keep in mind that kills are listed from the day before, not the current day. So, you won’t be getting supplies as soon as you join the MU or complete a DO. Expect a day or two until the next supply drop occurs.
Worker Communes:
What is a Workers Commune?
company owned by a long-standing loyal member of Log  Horizon.  The company hires the Mu Soldiers members to manufacture supplies our MU can use. 
Who manages the Workers Commune?
We currently operate 1 Workers Commune.   managed by Klaus Winchester
Is each Workers Commune just one company?
No, some of our managers operate more than one company.  
How do I join?
Quit your current job if you have one, then move to Canada, once there take a job offer from one of our Workers Commune managers mentioned above.
What happens if I don’t work?
You loose your right of participation to the Daily Order Rewards Programs.
Why do I only get paid $1.00?
If the Workers Commune more in cash, we would have to sell weapons and food we manufacture to pay those wages.  Making the food and weapons ourselves is less expensive so we can give more to our Soldiers/members.

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