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The Libertarian Party Of Usa Needs You!

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Posted 16 May 2014 - 07:57 PM



You are on the Libertarian Party's main forum page.

To join: http://www.erepublik...an-party-2467/1


Welcome to the Libertarian Party's main forum page, the base of the U.S. Libertarian Party.

To join, click the link above. The Libertarian Party is the only party in the entire eUS who will fight actively for your freedom. Freedom from taxation, constant wars and the stripping of liberty. As of now, we have two main points we believe, as libertarians, must be kept in mind when running a entire civilized nation. This is the platform we will fight for actively among the political field.


"Since the dawn of mankind, we are a united people. Under the banner of a united front. The continuation of the furthering of a republic, requires mandate, humans must be bound to, through a robust and just foundation of law. We the people, hold these following mandates to be essential to the continuation of a republic and a society made potent by a free and prosperous system."


                         - Party President, Normand X

  • Lower Taxes -‚Äč

Recent Presidents have done their best efforts to lower taxes, and that is commendable. But we don't think it goes far enough. The basis of our platform is a simple economic tenant: If you tax something, you will get less of it. If you tax success/income (Which is what the income tax is) then you will get less success and income. Economically, this tax rate curtails the amount of currency people will get from work, to spend on weapons, food and more, which further impedes upon the ability to gain more XP. The problem with this current tax plan, is that what we see is our money being sent to the military, and social programs which give food to new players. Yes, this is commendable, but at the expense of whom? The taxpayer, which is everyone. Yes, these new players will be getting food, (which they can get in their companies) but only the new players get the food from these social programs, not many else. Yet, it is everyone who pays the burden. This is why we must lower the work tax, as it is not only fairer, it is right. 


We support a flat, 2 percent work tax. One of the lowest in the world.


  • Fiscal Transparency -

Ask yourself this. Where do your tax dollars go? If you message a political figure, if you're lucky enough so they won't ignore you, they'll tell you to the military. Or so social programmings, or swindle the question. If they tell you the military, how much goes to the military. If they tell you the social programs, how much to the social programs? Libertarians believe that one of the key things that should not be surreptitious, is money. We support a detailed plan, detailing every single penny of the U.S. Treasury and the U.S's expenses. To further help the citizens understand, it shall be made public in .pdf or in Google Docs format. Not only will this help curb theft and corruption, this will give the average citizen a better understanding of where his money goes to.



If you agree with these basic principles, then join our party at:



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