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Commander Ironbeard Calls You!

new zealand fascist rebel

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#1 Chimera Black

Chimera Black


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Posted 01 August 2014 - 04:59 PM

Neo-Zealand Loyalist Command

"In defiance of the oppressor, in death for the Commander!"


Official Recruitment and Information Page [NeZLC]


Valour be with you. As you no doubt understand, military factions are born every day. Spawning from the dishevelled communist sucking the blood of his country's fruits like a mere parasite to the hardened fascist working for a stronger nation, all walks of ideology possess the individual to work for his dreams... Many will push and shove to climb the social ladder, clawing and biting to be in control. On the other hand, some will renounce the ideals of leadership to compromise in an illusion of brotherhood that can never exist.


But what is individuality? Individuality is the false ideal that every person is important. It is the belief invented in the minds of the downtrodden to make themselves feel special, feel worthwhile. Nobody is born special and nobody is born equal. Nature calls for hierarchy and we rightfully oblige! Strength is made in the hearts of men who work to strengthen their nation and to improve it! What do you desire, a country where the individual who worked for his strength and prowess bends to the will of the worthless, only to be crushed by a more progressive nation? No, I do not bend to the will of parasites and thieves, nor should you! You are better than them, smarter than them and indeed; stronger than them.


This is what I come to you with today. The world is changing and you are needed to join OUR fight. YOUR fight. Do not let your country be infested by the leeches of socialism or the rats of failed democracy; join the wolves of the State. Join the men who will champion your blood above the rest and will shape the New World in our fashion.


- Commander Glenar Ironbeard, NeZLC



Alliances & Adversaries


Allegiance(s); We pay no fundamental support nor share any alliance with select groups at this time. Due to recent thought however, we are now in support of any militant New Zealander who desires a stronger New Zealand.


- The People of New Zealand


Foe(s); We and our allies must share the same two enemies; 1. those who would crush the national integrity and independence of the Fatherland and 2. those who would betray New Zealand to sympathise with the previous group.


- Traitors to the Fatherland

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Posted 01 August 2014 - 06:36 PM




 /       \      \      \      \

I  \/     I      I   (--L-------L---\

I   \__/      /    \____/     I

I         \__/\__/\__/        I

 \       \       /                 /

  I                               /

   \_                        /----

    I            I           I

    I                        I

    I                        I

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#3 Flaco Jimenez

Flaco Jimenez

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Posted 03 August 2014 - 01:25 AM

I approve of this message and/or product. 



To a kid lookin' up to me , Life ain't nothin but bitches and money. 

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