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[Idea] Battles Victory Conditions Modification.

Battle Campains Victory Points Economy Weapons Qualities

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#1 Mikhail Zarevich Kalashnikov

Mikhail Zarevich Kalashnikov

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Posted 08 August 2014 - 11:33 PM

Dear fellow citizens,


I would like to share an idea about the modification of actual victory conditions of Battles. :)


As you all know, this is the actual system of Battle & Campain points for get the victory in a campain.



Actually there are 4 battles, 1 per Division.

When in a battle arrives to 1800, you get the campaing points depending your Division.


I propose to modify the actual 1800 domination points per battle, adding a weapon quality factor:


- To add for every battle of each division, 8 domination bars, 1 by each weapon quality (7 Qs) and 1 for rockets and bazookas.

- Battle bar could show the total damage and somewhere a detail of weapon quality domination bars.

- The side who wins in 5 of the 8 weapon quality domination bars, wins the battle, and gets the campaing point.

- The idea is that depending wich weapon you use, the game will count not only the damage, also the weapon type. The battle page can be like now, just adding detailed information of every weapon quality domination bar. Forcing both countries of the battle to use ALL weapon kinds for win the battle.

- Campaing points can remain the same as now. And total active battles will be 4 as now, 1 per division. I want to remark that there won't be 8 different battles for each division. Is same battle as now, just counting the type of weapon you use, you will increase a weapon Q domination bar.


If for example a country only uses Q7 weapons in the Division 3 battle, they will win the Q7 domination bar, but they will lose the battle and campaing point because the enemy used Q1,Q2,...and all other weapon qualities.


So we can say what is important is not damage at all, is the use of combinated weapons in the just measure. The overdamage in 1 type of weapon won't assure the victory.


I think is a simple way to add hard strategy to battles and to force all people to buy all types of weapons, as actually only counts damage, all people buy Q7 specially stronger and rich countries and Military Units. But If we modify it adding a weapon type factor, the headaches for win can be probably big :lol:


I don't know how many points would have every weapon quality domination bar, and how long they can last.


It's adds some difficulty to the battes, but also could help economy due that all kinds of weapons are needed. And more or less the system of battles would remain very similar to actual one.


Is just and idea :lol: enjoy and post your opinions!


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#2 Gego Gugula

Gego Gugula


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Posted 09 August 2014 - 06:51 AM

Surely it would be simpler to track how many kills each side does and give points (7 pts) each round for the winner of that (Division 5layer) ? In fact, I would be inclined to measure D1 battles in kills instead of damage anyway because of how useless we are and it is more likely to drive activity. It is often possible to do a kill with a lower quality weapon (and cheaper) than with a high quality weapon for the same number of fights... although the exact math is a title tricky. (would be nice if the opponent health bar is broken up by number of hits to kill per weapon type or something so you know when to change weapons).

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#3 plasticola


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Posted 09 August 2014 - 07:59 PM

This petition probably was the most voted in the forum.


Did you see any reaction from eRepublik Labs?


No. They just don't care.


Why do you think that they will take time to even read your suggestions?  -_-

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

#4 Mikhail Zarevich Kalashnikov

Mikhail Zarevich Kalashnikov

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Posted 15 August 2014 - 09:05 AM

Up! And waiting comments more focused on the initial post! :)


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