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government monarchy

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#1 Malwin Hun

Malwin Hun


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Posted 15 September 2014 - 08:05 PM

I would like to present an idea related to game-technics. I would suggest the addition of forms of governments in the New World. I would imagine it as the following:

- In the beginning there would be 3 forms of governments: Republic, Constitutional monarchy, Absolute monarchy.

- Each country starts as a Republic in the beginning.

- The change of the form of government (which also involves the selection of the next type of government) could be initiated by the Country President (or maybe even the King), or the members of the Congress. If the proposal about the form of government is passed with 2/3 of the votes being “Yes”, a referendum among citizens would be started. The referendum would be similar to the voting mentioned before, and it would require more than 50% of the votes in favour the proposal in order to change the form of government.


The details of the differences between the types of governments:



In the case of Republic, everything stays as it is now, except for the Country President’s right to start battles (to ease the job of the CP)


Constitutional Monarchy:

In the case of Constitutional Monarchy, there would be a new position: along with the Country President there would also be a King. The King would be elected on the same day as the Country President, but this position would not require monthly re-elections. If the two-thirds of the Congress votes in favour the impeachment of the King, there would also be a referendum about the problem.

If more than 50% of the votes in the referendum are in favour of the impeachment, the King would lose his privileges (but he would still keep his position), and at the time of the following election the nation could elect a new King.

Along with the Country President, the Prime Minister could also have the right to start battles.

The King’s privileges: he owns the same rights as the Country President (except for the right to start battles and the right to appoint the members of the government).


Absolute Monarchy:

In the case of Absolute Monarchy, there would be King (whose election would be the same as mentioned under “Constitutional Monarchy) INSTEAD of the Country President, and there would be a Palatine instead of the Prime Minister, who would also be appointed by the King, like other members of the government. The Palatine would also have the right to start battles (to ease the work of the King). The election of the King would be on the same day as the election of the Country President (without electing the latter one, of course) and it would not require re-elections every month. If the 2/3 of the Congress votes in favour the impeachment of the King, there would be again a referendum about the dispute. (So it would be similar to the process of changing  the form of government). If the referendum would pass with more than 50% of the votes in favour of the impeachment, the King would lose his privileges (but he  would still keep his position), and at the time of the following election the nation could elect a new King.

The privileges of the King: his rights are the same as the present Country President’s ones, and apart from that he could veto every law proposals, meaning that the King could have “Veto” as a third choice along with “Yes” and “No”. If he chooses the “Veto”, the voting of the proposal ends immediately. The “Veto” could not be used against the proposals involving the King’s impeachment, and the changes in the form of government.

In the case of Monarchy, the “change of the form of government” proposals would also imply a proposal about the King’s impeachment, if the proposed form of government would be the republic.

If the “king’s impeachment” would be proposed by the King himself (in both forms of Monarchy), he could appoint a new King, from a selection of 5 possible candidates. The reason for this is that the King resigned at his own will, and therefore he can have the right to choose his successor.


Other proposal regarding the authority:

-In the case of the three forms of government, I would suggest to give the right to the Minister of Defense to change the Campaign of the Day.

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#2 Cika Nikola96

Cika Nikola96

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Posted 15 September 2014 - 10:51 PM

It's eRepublik.. Not eKingdom!

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Plato sucks!!!

#3 tommot


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Posted 16 September 2014 - 05:25 PM

It's a nice idea.

I see that democracy is still present in any type of gov.(presented in here).


I like to add:

I case of the republic and constitutional monarchy, the Country President will be holding the access rights of the country org's.

I case of the absolute monarchy the king will hold the access rights for the country org's.


Before this could or would be implemented, the referendum idea must be added first.

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Posted 17 September 2014 - 02:39 AM

Sorry, but it is a horrible suggestion. It would add another lever of irritation to the game & would rank up there with PTO's and the plundering of a countries treasury

#5 TomislavRexCroatorum


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Posted 21 September 2014 - 06:11 PM

I support that hard, It would be cool to have different systems in different countries, it could cause a lot of problems but it would be more interesting :D.

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