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Remove Guerilla Bonus

Guerilla bonus Guerilla bonus

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#1 TomislavRexCroatorum


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Posted 22 February 2015 - 12:22 AM

So it seems that players get bonus damage in Guerilla Fights according to win/loose ratio. I think that is extremely stupid.



Well I dont see why should anyone have bonus damage in Guerilla Fight. 


Imagine a situation in which I play chess against Garry Kasparov. Apparently Garry is better chess player than me, he has better win/loose ratio. And now imagine that I play with handicap (with one less pawn for example), or at least imagine that I play always as black (vs Kasparov always as white). Well that is foolish. Why should Garry have starting bonus in game vs me? I dont know, but according to erepublik logic, he should.


Now lets look this nonsense from mathematical aspect.


If you and your opponents know how to play Guerilla, then your chance of winning is mostly dictated by luck, and bonuses.


If both players do optimal moves, it is most probable that one with higher bonus will win.


So if you start with bad win/loose ratio, you will have no bonus, and you will mostly loose, no matter how good you are in Guerilla Fight.


If you start with good win/loose ratio, you will have good bonus, and your win rate will be proportional to your bonus. The more you win, the more solid and stable your high bonus is.


So, your whole Guerilla success depends on your start. If you have bad ratio, you will hardly be able to improve it, since you will have no bonus, and your opponents will have the bonus.


I dont see any good reason why should anyone have any bonus in Guerilla Fights!

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#2 Citizen 2806484

Citizen 2806484

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Posted 22 February 2015 - 06:50 AM



It's impossible for a player with 0 bonus to increase the win/loose ratio. He will always have 0 bonus.


#3 CaHuTaPa


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Posted 01 March 2015 - 12:35 AM

They won't remove it because it has a purpose. Those  +2 are such  for a reason - in a "pay to win" game the credit card users have to be promoted even if they are pathetic losers,  and this is the way - by giving them bonuses and  fixing the number of missfires of their  rivals to secure them "wins". Мy record is 6 misfires against an absolute moron, in order his great "strategy" to win him a victory. Bottomline is that this module is rigged for a purpose, so they won't fix it. They could make this less obvious, but they are morons themselve and don't care whether they drive  their users mad and make them leave. In fact this is is the only game I have seen in which the administration does its best to get rid of all new players :)

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