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New World Needs A Change

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#1 Alex Antonescu

Alex Antonescu


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Posted 04 August 2015 - 11:59 AM

I would like to share with you some of my ideas on how you can improve the game and bring more players! Please tell me your sincere opinion.

1. Firstly,  eRepublik game (as well as eRepublik Labs) should be made more popular through social media websites (I don't think it is very expensive but it can be a long-term solution of bringing new players into the game). Also people can try to talk about eRepublik on forums dedicated to games where people ask "What game shall I try? Why?". There are meetings with players from all around the world where a part (even a small part is enough) of eRep staff can talk about eRepublik. The more expensive option is paid advertisment, but I don't really think the game needs it . Some videos about the game (as Clopoyaur does on his channel) will work as well.

2. Secondly, I suggest to try keeping new players in game as much as possible until they get in touch with the community. An option for this (I think it works very well on other games, too) would be to make the missions to be shown on the screen when the players first login in eRepublik. This will help them more (even if the missions are visible on the screen, new players are in an "unknown place" and you have to make this place familliar to them ).

3. Players love to see eRepublik Staff listening to the feedback. I know it's hard, but at least they should try implementing some minor changes to the game handpicked from the players' suggestions. We, the players, (or at least me) don't want a lot of changes and to put you at work. We want to see the staff TRYING. They don't have to worry worry if a change to the game isn't liked by players. I think they can put it out later. Better try and see the results (it may even help the company gain more money) then do nothing and (honestly talking) let the game die. So, go ahead and try. Nobody will "kill" them.

4. Stashes and Packs are, of course, a good way to earn money on a short-time. But on a long-run many people leave the game. Better than adding a new pack / stash / kit, add a new feature to the game. Think it this way: with packs, mostly tanks (excluding infantry kit) buy the packs. Let's say 100 tanks pay 10 euros each. Adding more features based on players' wishes will bring you let's say 300 players paying 5 euros each (just an example, they know better their finances). Isn't it better and a long-term solution? :) eRepublik has to become (again, I think) a Free-To-Play game, not a Pay-To-Play one.

5. In my opinion, eRepublik should at least improve economy, politics, and even diplomacy to help new players stay in-game. At the moment, a new player hasn't got too much to do and military module can be accessed by them at the beginning but will be useless (based on Damage formula) leading them to quit the game.

6. Events are made just for the powerful ones. Please just try to make a "community" event. No to involve fighting. It will help people to involve more, this bringing more money to company's accounts (P.S. I try to think on eRepublik Staff part too. They have salaries and many other things to pay so it isn't easy). Even the community events can have some features (like missions) to be accessed with Gold. And not everyone has Gold so will buy with Real Money if they really wish to win. For example, now the biggest part of Division 1 players are forced to buy Infantry Kit to take part in events.

7. I think this is the last idea for the moment (I know it has been a lot of reading, but just read to the end). This game wants itself to be a mirror of the Real World. But I ask you, what world has no Research (to find out more information about the game and even discover new, unknown places in other worlds, disover weapons and so on), no History to learn from (I know, I know, it is a bit of history on eWiki but you should find a way to integrate it in the game), no Medicine and diseases and so on?  First step to introduce these ideas would be to improve the map (I suggest you make it with hexagons).

I know the ones who will read this and respond me can't change the game through what I said above, but at least tell me your honest opinion. If you have more ideas please list them in teh comments

Have a nice day!

Alex Antonescu

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#2 Karlina Alkhatiri

Karlina Alkhatiri

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Posted 06 August 2015 - 03:02 AM

3rd idea is the best

Karlina  Alkhatiri

#3 felipenutz



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Posted 25 February 2016 - 07:04 PM


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