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Changes To Epic Battles Update - Day 2,842

epic battle update epic update prestige point

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#1 Ouzsy



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Posted 01 September 2015 - 09:36 AM

Changes to Epic Battles

Dear Citizens,

The “Winner Takes it All” Event is over. We’ve seen a lot of epicness and many players managed to get their “Red Baron” plasma tank. Congratulations and thanks for participating!

During the Event we saw that the community can do very well when it comes to coordinating, controlling their damage and planning their strategy for the temporary changes we did for the Epic Battles. Having that on mind, we’re doing a more permanent change to the behaviour of the Epic Battles. The changes are valid immediately, until further notice.

From now on, Prestige Points are given during Epic Battles according to the status of the Domination Bar.


Prestige Points are given as follows:

/// 49.00 - 51.00% = 2 Prestige Points per hit when the Battle is Epic
/// Other percentages = 1 Prestige Point per hit when the Battle is Epic

Please notice that 1 Prestige Point per hit is given also when the Battle is not Epic.





Please share your thoughts about this update here!

Let us (and Plato and company) see everybody's opinion!


I made this topic, because I can't make one in the update forum and Petsku will not! This means to be semi-official, as there is no official feedback topic.

#2 Ouzsy



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Posted 01 September 2015 - 09:36 AM

Why is this epic changes good for you? I'm pretty sure there is no player who will like it!
You are punishing players again. You are taking away something good.

At least you should gather some user opinion and feedback from us. Maybe a poll.
Not every player will take the effort to write a ticket or a post and tell you how much he/she dislikes this update!

I have a few ideas in mind, why have you made these changes:

a) You want players to focus more on an epic battle, and when it comes to epic you expect more energy bars will be bought and thus indirectly increase gold sales.

B) This is the way you want to fight against epic scripts? Well most likely developers can modify their scripts to hit only at the right interval with ease.

c) You are tying to slow down leveling up of already big players. As if less damage will be dealt. Reducing the gap between smaller and heavy players, and allowing small ones to catch up. Maybe this is case a) because this is how you want to force big players to pay more to achieve progress in leveling up.

#3 Fermusita



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Posted 02 September 2015 - 12:30 AM

6 long years playing this and i see the game worse, so if the game is just for visaplayers better restrict game, the funny of this, erep is what is because old players was played this for several years, not for what visaplayers wasted in game!


The updates are so bad they make jesus christ cry :|


GOOD TIMES when v1 works so well, and when there was a good strategy, economy and social module, now is just fight :|


At this moment game have each day less players, congrats!

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