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New (Old) Industries

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#1 Marcel the Great

Marcel the Great

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Posted 08 September 2015 - 12:11 AM

Since the reimplementation of the house industry was a total success after some tweaking,

I think it's time for some other Industries to be added to the game.


1. Hospital

2. Defense System

3. Moving Tickets



1. + 2. When I was new and witnessed the last months, I really liked the Hospital / DS Industries.

Not because, they were profitable, they werent at all, but I loved how private producers could interact with governments.


Both, Hospitals and DS would need House Raw Materials to be built, no new resource needed.

HRM could be, however, renamed to Construction Raw Materials.



1. Hospitals


Hospitals should have the effect that they make fighters fighting in a battle for the country using it would

a: require less health per hit or

b: get a one-time-only refund of an absolute amount of health after fighting in the battle


a: 9/8,5/8/7,5/7 HP per hit for Q1/2/3/4/5 Hospitals for the whole battle or an amount of time.

b: 50/70/100/150/200 HP for Q1/2/3/4/5 Hospitals for the whole battle for an unlimited amount of fighters



They should be able to be bought and used by Country Presidents and maybe MU Commanders only.


Presidents should need a law poll to buy a Hospital QX from the Seller Y for the price Z.

Just like the old system. However they should be stored in the country treasury and used anytime on demand by the President.



A Hospital should cost 20 times more RM and 10 times more Workpower than Houses.




2. Defense Systems



Could add a Determination bonus to the Region they're used in.

And just like houses, it should be possible to use all Qualities at once.


Q1: 0.05

Q2: 0.1

Q3: 0.15

Q4: 0.2

Q5: 0.25


A total of 0.75.*

They should be restricted to the original Territories of a country.

They could expire after 3 months or so, or when the region has been captured. Or only when the reqion is captured.

*Maybe add 0.05 to each Q and the total is 1.



They can be bought, stored and used by Presidents only just like the Hospitals.

Also they should be VAT and Import Tax free, since the country treasury itself pays for them...


Also they should require definitely 10 times more RM and Workpower than Houses.





Also, because of their importance, Hospital and DS companies should cost more than normal companies (to not get the market flooded).

Maybe 50 Gold for a Q1 and the upgrades should cost twice as much as for the normal companies.


Since so many Gold, Raw Materials and Work Power is required, you could think about enabling Working as Manager for these Industries.





3. Moving Tickets



This is a little bit more complicated to make.

New resources would be dificult to implement and give countries with a small amount of regions an even larger disadvantage.

Also, using the current resources wouldn't make sense.


Maybe Food RM or even Food itself would make sense. The Biomass could be processed into fuel.

Or Weapon Raw Materials by renaming them to Industrial Raw Materials.



Apart from those Ideas, something like "solar fuel" or "Hydrogen" can be produced without being influenced by a country's resource bonus,

giving every country the same productivity. At least for one Industry.


Also, the Factories turning the RM into Moving tickets should also not be influenced by a country's resources.


The costs of workpower per Moving ticket should be calculated, so they cost e.g. 6/12/18/24/30 cc at a salary of 100cc per work. RM included.

Working as Manager should be enabled on these Idustries I think...



Also I think it would be a nice Idea to make companies of this Industry only purshasable with CC. There's way too much of it going around.

Edited by Marcel the Great, 08 September 2015 - 12:27 AM.

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Posted 08 September 2015 - 04:51 AM




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Posted 08 September 2015 - 09:01 AM

oh yeah... put it all back



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Posted 17 September 2015 - 08:17 PM

I dont know if that would be exactly what is needed, increasing a range of possibilities of factories and these are useful is necessary, but I think its also necessary weapons and food of different qualities are to be useful for something again
Wars should have something like strategy was the attempt on the V2 with the battlefield as hexagons, the game really needs serious changes, not stupid competitions or tournaments which are usual. 
If things work as it should be, you dont need to encourage players to engage in battles to win boring and stupids tournaments  ;)

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