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Some Proposals About Mpp

mutual protection pact proposal alliance network

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#1 Ministero degli Interni

Ministero degli Interni


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Posted 03 December 2015 - 11:24 PM

What is a Mutual Protection Pact?

A Mutual Protection Pact (MPP) is a treaty between two nations.
In a direct war (after a Natural Enemy or a Declaration of war) between two nations, all the players who reside in a region (citizenship doesn’t matter) belonging to a nation which is alliated with one of the two fighting countries can fight in the battle.
For example, if there’s anMPP between Italy and Croatia, all the citizens in Italian regions can fight in croatian battles and all the citizens in croatians regions can fight in italian ones.
A Mutual Protection Pact doesn’t work with Resistance Wars.
Mutual Protection Pact is a law that only Country Presidents can propose; when, from his administration panel, the president starts a vote, are automatically frozen 10000 ITL from the treasury of the two involved countries. If in both the Congresses the poll reaches the necessary quorum (the 50%+1 of the congress members), the law is approved and the two countries get the MPP, that has a duration of a month, but it immediately expires when two MPPs get in conflict, due to the Friend of a Friend Cancellation.
Another benefit of the Mutual Protection Pacts is the featureDaily Orders”. A Military Unit, in fact, can set up as a Daily Order only a battle which his own coutry or an allied one is involved in. The Military Unit is located in the citizenship country of the creator when the MU was founded, and it can’t be changed.
The MPP’s must not be confused with the Alliances, that are more nations united to reach common goals (formalized in this page) or with the Peacy Treaty.


The cost of the Mutual Protection Pacts

Once upon a time, the cost of an MPP was 100 gold.
Since 2011, it has consisted in 10,000 ITL, making the costs for the two countries rise to 20000 ITL. For little nations like ours it is a huge amount of money, especially with the new Taxation Formula, one of the latest updates.
A country that does not reaches the full amount of taxes which are imposed by the commercial changes, that grow comparatively with the number of possessed regions and original regions (plus a 20% of bonus taxes). That’s why, with many little nations’s choice of putting the taxes at the lowest possible, it involves that little countries taxes are null, and the incomings only come from speculation. That’s why 10000 ITL is too much for our actual conditions.


And so what?

With such a high price, it’s very hard for little countries to sign an MPP.
That’s why:
• little countries can’t be helped from bigger nations and can’t win any battle;
• with a so huge cost every nations tries to sign MPPs with bigger nations, leaving little countries alone;
mutual protection pacts mean no friendship, they are just used to cover its back and to make the game more boring.
This is like a suicide that can only emphasize and stress the differences between the core and the periphery countries.


What are we asking for?

We’re asking the admins to fix the rules about MPPs putting on a more equal system. First of all, it’s not fair that a small country like Belgium has to pay the same lump sum as a huge and powerful country like Serbia: why don’t make pacts prices proportional to number of citizens and regions of the contracting countries? That would balance powers, like declaration of war and airstrike formulas do.
Furthermore, pacts could provide facilities to productivity. For example, signing a pact with neighbouring countries could threave a trade route to distant regions, if the allied countries build a “chain” to them. Otherwise, pacts may let countries share their bonus. That would help little and medium countries, making the economy more interesting for their citizens and making them grow stronger: that would make the game funnier.
If two countries sign a pact, their citizens would pay less to publish in their ally: the publishing fee per article in foreign countries should be reduced to 1 GOLD, if target country has a MPP with the sender’s. That would make interactions between allies cheaper and maybe boost the growing of friendship between citizens.
Lastly, pacts could discount licenses prices and allow countries to set exception to the import tax, protecting trade between small countries.

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#2 Dibex


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Posted 05 December 2015 - 06:41 PM

I'm not agree!

In this game (at now) MPP is not useful as set "combact orders"!

For small contry and country with rulers incapable is better make very few MPP and save money ;)


p.s.: how many suggestion in this forum you was see in erep? xD


#3 Squatriota



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Posted 11 December 2015 - 02:14 PM

A MPP costs 10.000 currencies - not enough to set combat orders.

Furthermore, this proposal aims to make MPP more useful for small countries: those stuffs you say are reasons to agree to the proposal.

I don't uderstand the post scriptum.

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