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Suggestion For Next Updates

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Poll: Agree or Not???

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Well, do you guys agree with my ideas or not???

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Well, if you don't agree, can you give me your idea by sending me In-Game PM??? My Name is Go Eun Byul

You cannot see the results of the poll until you have voted. Please login and cast your vote to see the results of this poll.
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#1 Go Eun Byul

Go Eun Byul


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Posted 25 April 2016 - 02:52 AM

Well, can I propose some new thing for this new updates???
1. Courts (like the "Trias Politica" thery, where there's Legislative, Executive, and Judicative); we need to create this court to them who violates laws created by a country.
2. As number 1; countries can now created laws (outside MPP, donation, NE, etc)
3. International Military Unit (Cross-Border). So, a MU can be in several countries (for example, my MU'w location is now in eIndonesia. I want to make it's location in both eIndonesia and in eSouth Korea)
4. New systems: House; etc. I want to propose something, that we will change our residence not only by travelling (I read that you will invent new system for this, where the travelling costs will be based on Real Life's distance). Well, we can travel to a place only if we have a house in that country (houses not only produced rest points now, but we can place it in a country). The house will last for a month (not a week again), but it will costs a lot (I think this will improve your incomes from players who bought items, golds, and stashes form you). We can only move to places where we have houses there. All houses can produce rest points when we're there; or if our country have  MPP with the country where we have the house.
5. For Military Units (again); I suggest you to create a new rank system, where we can give commands and orders to MU members which their military rank is below ours (so, not only Commander, 2nd commander, and captains can give orders, but we can also). But, they can't set DOs, etc. They can only give commands to peoples in their MU which rank is lower.
6. For MUs (again); I suggest you created some divisions (Not only Div. 1 until Div. 4); but also some other; such as infantry division, cavalery division; Special Forces, etc. We can also propose new divisions to you (if we want to)
7. And now, for Partys; I suggest that we can also elect local leaders (after you added Mayors). For example, my party (Indonesia Democratic Socialist) can elect people to represent them in each region in the country where that party exists (for example, eIndonesia have 7 Core regions, we can elect 1 Party President and 7 representative (which will be placed one in each region that our country have)
8. Companies. I suggest you can create a joint-companies (a company which not only owned by 1 person, but owned by a group of persons). And I suggest you creted some new countries too.
I think that's all, please consider my idea to be taken in action. I also want to be an adminisrator, where I can bring my ideas to you to improve eRepublik more and more again.

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#2 gudzwabofer


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Posted 25 April 2016 - 05:22 AM

I like most of the ideas here, especially the judiciary and extended laws. I just have a couple of points:

3. Having existing MUs being allowed to be tied together in an alliance type structure would achieve this I think. Having an MU alliance or multi-country MU being able to hold dictatorship over multiple countries would give more depth to the idea of empires, especially if the emperor could give those counties governments some degree of autonomy as long as they paid a dividend of taxes. This goes in line with greater customisation of laws and government structures.

I also like the idea of stateless MUs. MUs tied to a state would obviously have advantages such as being able to start revolutions. A state based MU would need to have a current citizen as it's commander. There should also be the chance to make citizens stateless. Which would also have ramifications in line with the next point.

4. I like the idea of people only being able to work and accumulate tickets and energy above 500 if they are in the place where their house is. Would be like a region of residence as well as a country of residence, meaning they could only activate houses in that one region. They could still fight or own companies in other regions though.

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#3 ukvadrat



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Posted 20 May 2016 - 08:52 AM

i have a proposition for you. once a month i get the discount for upgrading companys and training centers. because many players allready have them upgraded to the max level it would be good if you offer this discount for increasing or buying an aditional energy center. there is a possibility that this could help in economy - more energy more food you eat and more food is bought on the market.


#4 Dio Invictus

Dio Invictus

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Posted 30 May 2016 - 04:41 AM

All they need to do is stop the BH SPam and we're fine.

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