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Changing Epic

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Posted 07 September 2017 - 09:56 AM

These days all tanks load off their damage on Tuesdays in an epic battle.

Most players that do dont really contribute that much to these battles. The meal has already been cooked by the time they arrive at the battles.During the rest of the week, they just coast on their prestige points. Mostly useless and unwilling to contribute to the efforts of their military unit.

Making much more energy than normal players who can't afford Maverick every month.

The military module has become uber alles.

There is no more incentive other than unfeasible CO's set by the MU to keep them fighting for their mu.

Their interest starts and stops with their own accounts. Nothing more than show ponies they look good on paper but poop on the mu grass.

They're usually beyond useless. And the MU Commander may sit on a 100 player number 1 damage MU but cant harness this damage for any goals he want. So he pays for everything but cannot use the soldiers.  




So how do you curb this? Easy take away Epic as we know it.

Now replace it with an individual epic.

This means every player has in any battle an individual epic counter based on his own strength.

Fine, this still does not make soldiers fight for their mu unit.

Now we tie this in with the Military Unit.



Daily the Mu commander can choose a campaign of the day for the Mu

this will add a factor to the damage scored by the soldiers of the MU. Normal rules as to natural enemies and countries still apply as per normal.

For example, we fight for Ireland against say Serbia

So let's say the factor is then 50% meaning if I normally score 20000 per hit I then score 20000 + 20000 * (50/100) = 30000 damage per hit regardless of boosters and bonus damage already applicable.



DO 's will have a factor of 500 and will apply only to your 25 kills scored.

So again 20000 + 20000 * (500/100) = 120000 damage per hit

- The Campaign booster will not apply when in DO mode.


Combat Orders will have a factor of 25 and apply to battles the MU Commander or 2nd commander or captain has set a CO in.(But commander can choose rights of officers in a grid.)

This will increase the TEAM concept in an MU and take away this responsibility / burden from the MU Commander alone.

So again the example would be 20000 + 20000 *(25/100)= 25000 damage per hit.




To make programming easier a player will have 4 modes when fighting

- Normal , CO (Combat Order) , DO(Daily Order) and C (Campaign) Mode

In normal mode, no bonuses other than his normal bonuses apply to the battle.

DO Mode is exclusive as with normal mode. However, a player can be in Campaign and CO mode simultaneously making his total factor 75

So 20000 + 20000 * (75/100)= 35000 damage per hit.

Wouldnt this damage the "COOPERATION " between player that exists.

Sure but we must remember this is nothing but an exploit at this stage.

AND it requires in most cases Maverick for division 4 players. It takes away the control MU's have over their fighters and makes MU nothing but a show pony stable.

Epic will still exist but instead of a player offloading and then coasting he will need to fight for his MU to have the best bonuses to his damage.

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