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Plato Foundation: First Month Overview

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Posted 18 September 2017 - 10:05 AM

It’s already been more than a month since the Plato Foundation opened its door. For those of you who missed it, the Plato Foundation is a body designed to boost community driven projects. Information regarding how the foundation works is available here and here.

This looks like a good time to review what happened, to see what went well and what could be improved in the next iterations.


During the first month there were 7 members in the foundation’s council: Clopoyaur, Master_rg, Gnilraps, tommot, Freiheitskaempfer, Gulitiwi and Yui MHCP001 as community representatives and mntn8 and Adinushk  from the eRepublik team.

The project was met with an overall positive feedback at launch.









Through the Foundation, we came across interesting projects within the Community.  A total of 10 projects were submitted and 5 were deemed eligible for grants totalling 2500 Gold.

In the social interactions and entertainment category we should mention the eRepublik Idol project, as well as the International Meme Wars.

The eRepublik Idol contest brought into our attention the musical talent of the community, as well as some good voices - some were already well-known, while others were a pleasant surprise.

Author: Eraclev
Grant: 500 Gold

Period: 8 August - 8 September (Day 3549 - 3580)

Outcome: 7 articles, 319 comments, 407 votes [in total]

In case you missed it, you can find all the articles here:


The International Meme Wars prompted Citizens to bring forward their dankest memes, making fun of the USA and its political Parties, of Yui and Gnilraps and even Plato.

Author: Gnilraps

Grant: 500 Gold

Period: 17 August - 12 September (Day 3558 - 3584)

Outcome: 3 articles, 228 comments, 234 votes [in total]

You can find the articles here:           

We rewarded active players who put their time and effort into the military module, such as Mentalist de Bucovina, who has taken it upon himself to travel the eWorld and help new Citizens in the meantime. You can find his project Worldwide Donation Project to Young Players here:

Author: Mentalist de Bucovina

Grant: 1000 Gold [to be added]

Period: 17 August - ongoing (Day 3558 - present)

Outcome: 1 article, 11 comments, 30 votes

[Plato Foundation Proposal] Worldwide Donation Project to Young Players

The Foundation also sponsored a project which supports local media activity. The Cultural Exchange Program prompts eArgentinian journalists to share their articles by publishing them in eCountries outside the American Continent.

Author: gustavo35

Sponsorship: 500 Gold

Period: 17 August - ongoing (Day 3558 - present)

Outcome: 1 article, 42 comments, 73 votes

[Plato Foundation Proposal] Cultural exchange Program

Here are just a few of the articles which participated in the Cultural Exchange Program so far:

You can find the rest of the articles here.

Another Citizen whose efforts have been rewarded with a sponsorship was Icurlybear. He is the creator of Socrates, a smart and useful bot which can be added to the community’s Discord channels.

Author: Icurlybear

Sponsorship: 500 Gold

Period: 9 August

Outcome: 1 article, 36 comments, 91 votes



What the board members have to say about the Plato Foundation:





I welcome this initiative from the start. Even if this should of have been made long time ago, it is very good that right now is in place and is working. It was really nice to see amazing things coming from the community as usual, but this time Plato decided to support the ideas and reward the one that put efforts into it. This can be the beginning of many interesting projects that maybe have not been initiated due to lack of material support. I think the more we will advance with this idea, more projects will become eligible for grants and sponsorships. Overall, I think Plato Foundation is a great idea with a big potential. Looking forward to see how is gonna develop in the next months.


It was an honor for me to be part of the first board of Plato Foundation and that I was entitled with so much trust. It was sometimes difficult to judge as all the projects deserved some funding in a way or another, but I think I made the correct decisions based on my media and eRepublik experience. I think this is quite a big responsibility and respectable and proven members of the community should be part of it, after all is The Foundation. My recommandation: ClopoCrew. You can always rely on people like MaineCoon, Mithrantir, Morten628 or Hitti-Litti (but the list should be way longer).






In my opinion the Plato Foundation is just one step into the right direction when it comes to supporting the active players. The community has been left out by Plato for too long which led lots of players to leave the game. However lots of the submitted projects were not exactly what we were looking for. This initiative was meant to support the community, not to request game-changes or to submit suggestions.


For sure there’s a lot more which needs to be done by the administration of eRepublik and I still hope that someday communication between players and administration will be brought to a higher level.


I enjoyed being part of the first board of the Plato Foundation and wish my successors best of luck.






Plato Foundation was an opportunity for me to get better engaged with the international eRepublik community. It connected me with people and events around the New World that I otherwise would not have encountered.

It also highlighted those same people and events to many others in my community who also would otherwise be less internationally engaged.

It seems clear to me that something like this HAD to be done. Admin simply must find new ways to build bridges between the social structures of the gaming community and themselves. The Foundation is a great start.






eRepublik is almost a decade old social-game, players became old, new did players not always manage to get involved with the community and the Plato Foundation came to spark up what we always had: the great activity of the community.


Plato Foundation is basically encouraging the community to create content for the community with a bit of extra support, and the social interaction is what fascinated most of us when we first registered on eRepublik. By the little time I spent with the Foundation, I have seen many really cool projects, and even the ones that were unable to fulfil the requirements were pretty good.


I had a great time working with the Plato Foundation and I’m looking forward to seeing how the project is going to evolve and how the community is going to address it in the months to come. We love the game and can only wish the best to whoever is in charge next!






Well, some of you may have read Yui’s article where you are able to see my point of view regarding the Plato Foundation - in case you didn’t, you may want to take a look.


The idea behind the Plato Foundation is great and it’s definitely a step in the right direction: The community gets the power to deal with (at least some) decisions with the help of their representatives.


Nevertheless, and I love to repeat myself: In the current state it won’t be a help for too long. After one month as a member of the first Plato Foundation I can indeed say it was an honor to serve in this group of high profile players, but on the other hand I also have to say that we were already facing several problems that show its limitations - and everyone within the Plato Foundation knew it: The players and, of course, the team. Therefore I can’t really understand why there isn’t any self-criticism from the eRepublik officials, pointing out those problems and giving ideas and feedback how they plan to solve it.


The overall question is: What kind of projects can be created by the community. As you’ve read it in this article already, there are really beautiful ones. Nevertheless: What other kinds of projects were possible? I’m looking forward to see new ideas but we’ve reached some kind of limitation already which is also represented in the amount of new proposals for the Plato Foundation. After more or less 2 weeks there wasn’t really anything new, no new proposals or “just” the same idea repeating over and over again.


I am asking you: Does eRepublik Labs need the Plato Foundation to tell them, that they should support community driven projects? Do they need the Plato Foundation to have discussions about “Let’s write articles” proposals?


I really have to commend the Community Officers from eRepublik Labs as they were really into it and knew about new proposals and ideas even before parts of the Plato Foundation had the time to read through all those new articles - and it’s awesome because you see that some people at eRepublik Labs really care about the community. It was beautiful to see the interaction in the whole group.. it was one of those “yeah give me more of that ♥”-moments


... but then again I ask myself: The Community Officers know what’s going on most of the time, they know what’s exciting, they know what’s a good or a bad idea - why do they need the Plato Foundation?


I really hope the idea behind the Plato Foundation evolves in the next months, with more influence of its members, a deeper connection to the team and maybe also the developers behind eRepublik. It’s up to our successors to increase the influence of our Community and I wish them the best of luck for this job (and, of course, a lot of awesome projects to discuss about).


To bring my article to an end I would like to thank the community for their great ideas, eRepublik for starting the first “trial” of the Plato Foundation and the Community Officers for their awesome job. Thank you.


I enjoyed my job, but fingers crossed we haven’t reached the end yet.

- Sebastian / Master_rg




These are our thoughts at the end of the first month. What did you think? What did you like and what would you change?

Last but not least, we would like to thank you all for the participation and all your help in finding and rewarding the best projects. Your opinions and cooperation are very valuable to us.

To commemorate the Board members' participation, different badges will be added to their profile, differentiating between active and former participants.

As the first term ends, we are looking for new Citizens to join the Plato Foundation Board. Who do you think would be up for the task? Let us know in the comments.


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Posted 18 September 2017 - 10:21 AM


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Posted 20 September 2017 - 06:19 AM


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Posted 25 September 2017 - 06:07 AM


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Posted 26 September 2017 - 01:40 AM






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Posted 27 September 2017 - 03:36 PM

Thanks for Nominating me Rainy, I hope my Forfeit Point history won't dissuade the vote.  :o

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Posted 28 September 2017 - 04:19 AM

I'm partially with Master_rg: I think ideas are still far from limits, but those limits will come, sooner or later.


Now that I'm member of the second board, I expect projects will exploit all the available components of the game, expecting that devs takes notes about those limitations and generate proper updates.

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