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Plato Foundation: Second Month Overview

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Posted 26 October 2017 - 11:40 AM

Dear Citizens,

Another month of Plato Foundation has come to an end. It is time to draw a line and see what has been accomplished in these last four weeks.

Feynmann, Icurlybear, Demonaire, rainy sunday, TheJuliusCaesar, Gulitiwi, Theface, Adinushk and kittib are the Citizens who participated as members in the second Board. They will receive new Plato Foundation Badges on their profiles to remember their help in selecting the best projects to support.

9 Projects have been submitted for endorsement and 8 of them have also been supported with Grants and Sponsorships adding up to 5000 Gold.

ChaniryXXI has been determined to win an endorsement and his perseverance is admirable. He had a general idea for a World Help Plan which needed a bit more polishing. He wrote a follow-up article, developing the idea around Project Helpers - mentors who would publish tutorials in different countries; however, he decided to regroup and transformed the project into an international media tour though which he also makes donation to Division 1 and 2 players.

Author: ChaniryXXI
Sponsorship: 500 Gold
Period: 27th September 2017 - ongoing (Day 3599)
Outcome: 5 articles, 166 comments, 253 votes [in total]

You can find the two editions here:

[Plato Foundation] Hola Venezuela! + Ayuda a los nuevos.

[Plato Foundation] Weekly information.

Gyantse wanted a Foundation of his own that would “support players from eRepublik, to help new players and entertain senior players.” So he put the bases of his Gyantse Foundation and applied for a gant, which he received.

Author: Gyantse
Grant: 1000 Gold
Period: 27th September 2017 - ongoing (Day 3599)
Outcome: 4 articles, 37 comments, 149 votes [in total]

Gyantse Foundation - Opening act

Gyantse Foundation - Opening act [RO]

Gyantse Foundation - Act #1

[GF] Act #2 - Announcement

William Thomas Riker took it upon himself to Bring Back the Fun to the Community through a media contest, which won a sponsorship of 500 Gold. You can find the articles below:

Author: William Thomas Riker
Grant: 500 Gold
Period: 27th September 2017 - 24th October 2017 (Day 3599 - 3627)
Outcome: 3 articles, 130 comments, 352 votes [in total]

[The Plato Foundation] Bringing Back the Fun to the Community

[The Plato's Foundation] Fat Gold Rewards Waiting For You

[The Plato's Foundation] The Writing Contest Is On

The Board also supported with extra Gold the Creative Brain Party for Writers/ Concursul Literar Brain - a literary contest founded by the eRomanian Brainstorming Party on eDay 1902.

Author: Brainstorming Party
Grant: 500 Gold
Period: 27th September 2017 - 10th October 2017 (Day 3599 - 3612)
Outcome: 5 articles, 385 comments, 297 votes [in total]

Concurs Literar Brain – Toamna se numara bobocii

[Plato Foundation] Creative Brain Party for Writers/ Concursul Literar Brain

[PREMIEREA] Concurs Literar Brain – Toamna se numara bobocii

[VOTAREA] Concursul Literar Brain Editia XXI - Toamna se numara bobocii

[PREMIEREA] Concursul Literar Brain Editia XXI - Toamna se numara bobocii

Hoffman12 is putting together an article about Citizens’ dearest Achievements. To help his endeavor, the Board has endorsed his project with a sponsorship of 500 Gold.

Author: Hoffman12
Grant: 500 Gold
Period: 13th October 2017 - ongoing (Day 3615)
Outcome: 2 articles, 5 comments, 29 votes [in total]

[INTERNATIONAL] Write a story - win a prize -- Plato Foundation --

[INTERNATIONAL] Write a story - Win a prize - NEW REWARDS

It was unanimously decided that Mentalist de Bucovina’s program, the Worldwide Donation Project to Young Players would receive a second grant. You can read his previous articles and reports here:

Author: Mentalist de Bucovina
Grant: 1000 Gold
Period: 17th August 2017 - ongoing (Day 3558)
Outcome: 3 articles, 38 comments, 108 votes [in total]

[Plato Foundation Proposal] Worldwide Donation Project to Young Players

Thank you, Bolivia! / Worldwide Donation Project for Young Players

Thank you, Bosnia & Herzegovina! / [Plato Foundation] Worldwide Donation Project

Raphael Louis Habsburg Bourbon had been sponsoring the eBrazilian Best Aviators for 25 weeks by the time he applied for a grant. The Plato Foundation enjoyed his initiative and supported the program with a grant of 1000 Gold.

Author: Raphael Louis Habsburg Bourbon
Grant: 1000 Gold
Period: 16th September 2017 - 19th October 2017 (Day 3588 - 3621)
Outcome: 8 articles, 168 comments, 291 votes [in total]

Plato Foundation - Weekly Awards for the Best Aviators [EN/PT]

[TR] Premiação Semanal para os Melhores Aviadores - 12 a 18 de Setembro

[TR] Premiação Semanal para os Melhores Aviadores - 19 a 25 de Setembro

[TR] Premiação Semanal para os Melhores Aviadores - Fundação Plato

[TR] Premiação Semanal para os Melhores Aviadores - 26/09 a 02/10

[TR] Premiação Semanal para os Melhores Aviadores - 03/10 a 09/10

[TR] Premiação Semanal para os Melhores Aviadores - 10/10 a 16/10

[TR] Premiação Melhores Aviadores - Consolidado Fundação Plato

Sollam’s Weekly Journal program has been given a 1000 Gold Grant. The project is still ongoing, being appreciated not only by the eBulgarian Community, but by other Citizens as well. You can find all the editions published so far here:

Author: Sollam
Grant: 1000 Gold
Period: 6th September 2017 - 25th October 2017 (Day 3578 - 3627)
Outcome: 7 articles, 180 comments, 514 votes [in total]


(Plato Fondation)Weekly: Erotic, beer, Rock and... Tipps

eW e e k l y

eW e e k l y (preview)

eWeekly (The new World/ The NAP and more...)

(Plato Foundation) eW e e k l y_5 (Mayhem)

(Plato Foundation) еWeekly

This is what the Board members say about their experience during the second month of Plato Foundation:

theface - I think there are more possibilities in the Plato Foundation project, but for that it will need a little developing from the eRepublik side, which could open it up the for more players. It was nice seeing that a group of players have so much faith and passion and they really wanted to make eRepublik a better community, but sadly there a few golddigger too.
So my opinion is that the eRepublik dev team should work on some tools for the Foundation’s projects (like a page where players can vote for articles, or collecting data for the participants of a fighting project etc., and building in some tools for donating stuff easier for the participants in each project).

TheJuliusCaesar - It was great to be part of such a project. It was definitely something new and I am happy that the erepublik administration is taking these steps to try to incentivize some activity in the game, especially through the media module. That said, the Foundation is extremely simplistic as of now, which of course is perfectly normal after just two months of its launch. However, it could be developed even further: both from Plato’s side and from community’s side. Now that the Foundation has ran for few months, perhaps it has become more publicized and familiar for the community, which could prop up the projects. To enhance that side, Plato could offer some new tools for projects, like theface mentioned in his comment. Extremely interested to see how this develops. Thanks for taking me in for the month.

Gulitiwi - Amazing to be part of the Plato Foundation once again. As I always say; the great thing about this project is that it was created to support the community creating content for the community. The community is what embraces new and old players, and together we try, within our possibilities, to make eRepublik as fun as possible. Plato Foundation is still doing its first steps, but has already supported some awesome projects. It has a huge potential if kept in the right track. Thanks everyone for participating! I’m happy I was part of it!

ICurlybear - I’m really happy to have been part of this project. This month just flew by so fast I didn’t even realize this week was the last. We’ve seen awesome projects come to life (and sent a few back to the drawing board when necessary). The Foundation as it is right now is still in constant development, but I think (like theface mentioned) that some tools dedicated to it would do wonders in term of awareness of its existence as well as help the management part of it. I’ll keep a close eye on the foundation and the projects it supports in the future and hope to see it flourish into a solid part of the game and not something “on the side” anymore. Thank you all for having me this month and being such awesome people to debate with! See you another time maybe. :P

rainy sunday - I thoroughly enjoyed participating with Plato’s Foundation this month. Community-driven projects like these have always been my favorite part of the game, especially those projects that successfully blend entertainment, team or community-building, and promote “mechanically sound” game education (or help teach players old and new how to adapt their play style to better achieve personal goals and effectively contribute to their communities). I agree with remarks from others that additional dedicated support tools would be useful. Scheduled pop-up Plato Foundation project submissions deadline reminders (akin to elections reminders) might improve visibility and participation. A dedicated Plato Foundation page linked from My Community menu tab where entrants could submit their project article links in the same manner they are able to link Congressional candidature presentations might also be an option to consider. (Of course, adding a handy  help guide with Foundation guidelines and links to additional details). In short, I hope to see Plato’s Foundation better integrated into the interface of the game and I hope to see more widespread participation with entries of quality projects. Thanks again for including me on the panel this month. I enjoyed reviewing projects and the opportunity to “work” alongside some others I wouldn’t often interact with otherwise. Sorry not sorry for the fluffy prose wall o text. ^__^

We want to know what did you think? Did you follow the projects closely? Did you participate in any of them?

We are also looking for four new Citizens to participate in the third month of Plato Foundation as members of the Board, so your proposals are all welcomed - who would you like to see in the Board?

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Posted 26 October 2017 - 04:35 PM


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Posted 26 October 2017 - 11:27 PM



I will soon present an article to make a big draw for all divisions and nationalities worldwide.

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Posted 27 October 2017 - 07:25 PM

[Plato Foundation] report , updates and great world raffle.



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