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Split The "work Tax" Into Work, Income And Military Tax

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Posted 24 February 2018 - 04:32 AM

At the moment a lot of very different kinds of Taxes are thrown together as "Work Tax".



It is oversimplified and bad for the fun of the game, especially the politics.



This gives governments no room to operate and create their own, unique tax code.


It doesn't make sense that the Tax for working as Manager, where you earn ~20cc each, is the same as working as an employee, where you earn 350cc each time.


Also the Combat Orders and Medals are taxed poorly, giving "fighting" players a great advantage over "working" players.




3% in this example is a slight disadvantage for Employers to compete for Employees internationally. If they were to compensate for the extra 2% Tax, they have to give up around 1/4th of their profits (when using Tycoon Packs)

3% is however a massive disadvantage for WaM workers, they lose on average half their profits.

3% is peanuts for fighters, plus Fighters mostly earn their money with Gold Medals and the Weekly Challange.


So in this example, per %, an employee has to pay 1% or their employers 12%, a WaM guy 17%, a fighter <1% of their income.





So, the Work Tax should be split into:


- Work Tax (Work as Manager)


- Income Tax (Work as Employee)


- Military Tax (Medals + COs)



This way, a country could do  2%, 1%, 10%.


2% Work tax to get a fair share for their resources

1% Income Tax to help employers producing more and generate more VAT income from the produced goods (Q7 Weaps + Houses + Air Weaps)

10% to get a fair share for their TWs


Ideally you should stop tying the WaM tax to the average salaries and instead to the value of the produced goods.

The "Daily GDP" display on the Residence/City Tab proves that this is possible.

This way, working in a Q1 Food Company is no longer taxed as much as working in a Q6 Food Company producing 6 times as much.

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Posted 25 February 2018 - 09:03 PM

I also wanted to make a thread about the work tax for managers. I think it should be different/balanced/whever for every of company. 
This is the profit after taxes and food (10 energy for working) in Bulgaria:
Why do low Q companies even exist? They don't make profit since they were introduced. 

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