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Plato Foundation Report: Week 36

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Posted 26 June 2018 - 12:23 PM

You can read Mitte's full article here.


Decisions and motivations on this week’s proposals

Kris Tine put in a request for sponsorship for a World Championship event. [WC2018]Who will be the champion: This request has been rejected due to the fact that it was only based on people leaving a comment on the original article. The use of the project in terms of activity and involvement is pretty limited.


Emperor Gaozu presented a Military Unit program for his MU. Despite saying it will improve activity, the idea is mostly aimed at the stronger fighters in eCroatia. The Plato Foundation Board thinks the community would be better suited with helping the weaker players than the strong ones who already have plenty resources of their own. The project in this current form is rejected for a grant.

The Free packs project by Zdlemmy is rejected for the almost the same reason. The emphasis of this project, although it has organization and potential, is too focused on the Legends and pack buying rather than helping the the newer or returning players get back up to speed. Mittekemuis talked it through with Zdlemmy that for now the idea is rejected but, with some work, it can be submitted again. So we’ll hopefully see an re-worked version soon.

The UK has been busy this week. They have been running the New Players Friday program for some months already with private funds and now they are ready to apply for a grant. The Board considers the project to have made a real difference in terms of engaging and retaining new players and incorporating them into existing communities. We expect great things from this project and hope it is an inspiration for others. UK's New Players Friday will be endorsed with a Grant (250 Gold x 4 weeks).



Aside from the proposed projects, the Board decided to take initiative and reach out to two ongoing projects that have not been submitted but which we consider deserving of some recognition and rewards. This is the first time the Plato Foundation endorses projects that have not been submitted. However, if you know of similar projects that deserve more wide recognition, please bring them into our attention.

VampireA’s National Day media project is a long-running project that hasn’t been brought up for sponsorship before the Plato Foundation so far. The team feels he has done and is doing an outstanding job. It is a real contribution to the eWorld’s community in its totality. We award this project with a 500 Gold sponsorship.


Talon Karrde and the Plato Foundation team have proposed the UK Wiki tutorial up for Sponsorship. Spite313 is the author of this brilliant tutorial that has proven its worth already and is a welcome addition for every new player starting in any eCountry. He will be awarded a 500 Gold sponsorship for his hard work.


The Ongoing projects are:


The Macedonian Air academy is operational and reporting to Icurlybear. They will be granted 70 Gold and are asked to write a new report next week.


The Icarus project is ongoing. They have presented an update plus more detailed information for Gyantse to supervise and are now fully integrated in the standard military program. They receive 250 Gold on a weekly base.


The Swiss Aviation project has a two new members so they will receive 60 Gold this week.


Mentalist de Bucovina is in Germany another week. He has received 500 Gold last week to spend on German fighters.


Do you have a project that would help your eCommunity? We’d love to hear about it! Make sure to submit it in the Dedicated Discord channel.


An article by mittekemuis

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Posted 03 July 2018 - 11:54 PM

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