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Plato Foundation Report: Week 45

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Posted 29 August 2018 - 03:16 PM

As we progress further in setting up Plato Foundation base for now and the future, this week we have made some difficult but well needed changes as well as logistic revamps. Our voting sheets and all other information have gotten a grand makeover. With big thanks to Curly and Gyantse who are absolute aces in google docs.


We also say goodbye to Yui for now. He has resigned from being a board member but will still be an active moderator.




What has changed?


I know I have written this a few times now but to explain what we have changed I need to say it again. Under the current format, we are spending too much money. Because we are constantly reaching the 6000 Gold/month limit, some projects that re-apply for a second/third month of funding might only receive between a portion of the original sum applied for. The reduction will differ from project to project depending on different factors such as the sum requested, the amount of participants and the overall impact of the project.


This rule has been implemented this week. It is our belief that the Plato Foundation should be a tool towards the future and a (financial) aid for those who are willing to dedicate their time for others in their countries/communities. The first project to experience it is the Icarus project. After 12 weeks and 2 previous re-applications, time has come to reduce the aid we have been giving them. Together with them, we have been growing in our roles and structure to have a positive influence on the game. We would like to thank all projects for being patient while we are working toward finding a viable balance.


We have made a template of what we are seeking from projects in their re-application articles.


1) A financial overview of the month. A ratio of how much was financed by the Foundation versus how much was funded by other sources.
2) The impact on the community: How did it affect the participants? Rank ups, more active citizens and so on...
3) Possible changes that might be applied in the following month. For example: adjusted rewards, new rewards, other things like a Discord server for the participants, anything that comes to mind really...
4) We would also like a quick feedback on your interaction with the Board during the month. Have our requirements been clear enough? Did we communicate enough? Do you think we should maybe change something? We're open to any justified and constructive criticism.




Last week we also announced another change:


We have been too lenient in regards of submitting financial reports and articles.


All too many times our members have to run after project managers to hand in their reports and/or articles. Although we don’t mind reminding the project leaders of their duties we do expect some level of professionalism. Before today we asked for a weekly report and every 4 weeks a published article. From now on we are going to ask the ongoing projects' leaders to provide a weekly article where they explain who is benefiting from their efforts and how the received funds are used. This will be done with a clear financial overview, either with a link to a google spreadsheet or with screenshots embedded in the article or both. Failure to provide a weekly article satisfying those criteria will lead to the immediate stop of funding.



To ease the deadline on multiple projects that require the week reset before being able to write their report we have decided to modify the day on which we publish our own report and send out the gold to Wednesday. This means that ALL projects' weekly reports and renewal articles have to be handed in by the end of Tuesday. Failure to provide a weekly article will result in immediate termination of funding.




The Ongoing projects are:


The Icarus project has been running for 12 weeks and was reviewed under the new rules. As the longest running project of the Foundation it’s only natural that they should be the first to see their grant get slightly reduced to leave place for new projects that also need funds to start flying on their own. They will receive 190 Gold this week.


The Russian Air squad didn’t choose to re-apply this week. Our aid to their project was running for two months and received 2000 Gold in total.


The Air Force Academy of Lithuania is also being renewed this week and will receive 250 Gold.


The Belgian BHA has run a full month and was also up for renewal this week. They were approved and will receive 60 Gold.


Mentalist de Bucovina is still in Indonesia. Seems he’ll soon be able to move on to his next destination. For now he doesn’t need new gold.


The Swiss avio project has been running for 10 weeks already. They will be receiving 130 Gold.


MEK Housing will receive their seventh grant of 250 Gold. They’ll be expected to hand-in a renewal request in the form of a monthly recap article as described above.


The Charles B. Debellevue initiative will receive their seventh grant of 250 Gold.


Croatian Falcons are going in their third week and will be receiving 150 Gold


The Irish Army Airborne will be entering its second week and receive 200 Gold.




Do you have a project that would help your eCommunity? We’d love to hear about it! Make sure to submit it in the Dedicated Discord channel.

An article by mittekemuis.

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