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Robo-Workers - Idea Proposal For Erepublik

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#1 Alias12



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Posted 07 February 2019 - 12:27 PM

Hello everyone,


I would like to propose an idea to add another way of getting workers for our companies. I wrote an article about it where I explain my idea. Please take a look at it and let me know what you think. I would really like this idea to go through and be implemented.







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#2 grindarkly



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Posted 17 February 2019 - 04:34 PM

Its quite a lot more technical than that but the main reason for the inflation being so inflamed iy seems to me is lack of discipline greed and extreme opportunistic sense speculations.

A lot of what you say i agree too. but because of these problems i mention it could end up creating a new problem of same kind in different place/way.I could go on (and I tend to,) buy I digress. It sounds like time eventually will make adjustments somehow or some way.Just guessing.(or players will be lost.)

#3 jkeller4000


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Posted 14 March 2019 - 12:31 PM

We were in the deflatio ndeath spiral,  as seen by you leaving the game and being edead,   


so the game changed some medals to give currency instead of gold to increase the money supply to cause inflation to get the game out of the deflation death spiral.  as seen by you comming back to the game. 


so please do not attack inflaiton.  because It is much better than the alternative!  




Q1 houses is the solution to the shortage of workers.  it takes 4.6 work tickets to produce a q1 house.  and a q1 house produces 7 work tickets in over time.  thus convincing all workers to work over time once a day would get rid of the lack of workers very quickly.  when i hire workers i get a few that are willing to work over time almost 24 hours a day because players have set a cap on over time allowances.  so the lack of workers in my opinion is player made.  and should be player solved! 



The whole reason for economics is how to handle scarcity!   if a item is plentiful it's prices drops so that people stop producing it! which is why the items that people do not consume are not profitable to produce!   The loss is a punishment for players who continue to produce un wanted items.  



However i kinda agree that keeping inflation smaller would allow to keep inflation going and yet not have problems that hyperinflation cause. I have yet to see people stop producing because of hyper inflation.  



But because you are making a suggestion i too will make a suggestion.  to control inflation.  the game should slowly at 1% a month increase how much currency per gold countries get from printing money.  this way the game can control inflation very tightly.   and return all medals to giving gold instead of currency.  



also if you want more workers.  you can open a google adsense account and advertize your referral link to get more players to join.  This would give you the bonus gold which you can buy currency with increaseing the value of the currency.  and you can have more workers from the new players that join!   


If your not willing to put your irl money behind your ideas then i do not value your ideas either :)  



I do like the commidization of work tickets.  it would reduce wages on the job market.  and that would be nice 

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