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Reform The Ground Battle Division System

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#1 Alvin Corleone

Alvin Corleone


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Posted 05 July 2020 - 02:16 AM

Greetings eRepublikans,


I'm a very old gamer, playing this game since the "beta" times, with a long hiatus.  In first there wasn't a division battle system up to V1 or V2 (don't remember), but when the admins developed the system by that time seemed right, but it wasn't.  As they made the divisions based in "experience points", rather than the strength or rank, or a combination of the last two.


Then why is wrong making a ground battle division by experience points? Easy, you earn EPs as in the following list:

  • Working brings 2 EP per each company in which you work;
  • Training brings 2 EP for each training facility that you use;
  • Fighting brings 1 EP for each 10 energy points spent on the battlefield;
  • Voting brings 5 EP for each vote;
  • Becoming a full member of a Military unit brings 5 EP;
  • Missions sometimes bring EP: the amount varies according to the mission.

So, every time you do something unrelated to fight you earn EP, and thus you will rise in "ground battle divisions" even you decide to not train/fight in ground battles.


So, let's say "Player A", decides to not use the military module at all since the beginning, so not train, no fight, he/she only adhere to work or be a general manager, also to participate in politics, and he spent like two to three years doing so, when he/she decides to test the military module will encounter a problem, as his/her strength is "0", his/her rank is the lowest possible, still will be in a division he/she don't belong because players that has been in the MM first.


Player B and Placer C decided to be in the MM since day 1 (when they born), both arrived same day, with the only difference is that Player B only train, work, maybe overnight (if he has houses), but apart from that he only fights, the food and weapons are subsided by his/her government/MU; while Player C also decides to be active in the economy and political module.  Even at the end of the period both players will have similar strength, and probably in the same division, Player B will have the advantage of have higher rank.



So my suggestion, if you approve, is to change the ground battle divisions to one of the following possibles systems:


  • By the strength system:  The new divisions will be based in the strength, earned each time you train, the "Experience Blocker" can be transformed to "Division Blocker", so even you reach the threshold of a division you can stay in the division you bought the pack.
  • By the rank system: The new divisions will be based in the rank you earn when you battle, as the rank is earned when you accumulate rank points (fighting) is by far the more reasonable change.  "Experience Blocker" can be transformed to "Rank Blocker", so you won't rise in rank, but still can do more damage due to your increase in strength everyday.



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Posted 05 July 2020 - 09:52 AM

divisions should be removed, their only purpose is to make money from infantry kits and maverick packs, they don't help new players, this is bullshit. 


#3 Neoblade



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Posted 05 July 2020 - 03:12 PM

Divisions based in strength is something that the admins are probably tired of seeing the players asking for it. Personally i don't think it a good idea. The concept doesn't look to balance the D4 for example (in a game that exists over 10 years with many strong players in that division). I think the terrains should become permanent in the game. It looks way more solid concept.

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#4 Zordacz


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Posted 05 July 2020 - 05:40 PM

Terrains are an attempt at making high strength a bit less important.

#5 Weihaiwei



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Posted 06 July 2020 - 01:20 AM

One thing that infuriates me at this time is I have to reach 35th Level to utilize deployment.


The terrain battles are locked away from me. Game managers are idiots or something, you'd  think they would test their design before launching it.

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