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Scrutinizing Value Of Ik

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Posted 14 October 2020 - 08:23 AM

Hello dear community,

I am writing to you today for one reason. I am questioning the value of the Infantry Kit. One thing to mention before, I am not saying buying IK is a stupid thing and it has no value.


I am playing this game for years now. Had a few breaks here and there. But I am still here. Though, I have learned something over the course of the years. Except the fact that IK makes us low division players stop gaining XP from fighting on ground battles with weapons equipped, there are almost no benefits anymore.

We can provide hits to people from other divisions that use the MP. With the high amount of LXX players across all nations, its hard to compete with them.


Bazookas are giving NO XP on ground battles. Stingers GIVE XP on air battles. But its the same mechanism. Air is almost not doable when using IK. You dont pay 15€/month to gain XP from fighting in air afterwards. So the only possibility to "matter" in air would be, if stingers work the same way as bazookas do. Three hits, no XP when IK active.


Also, with all the packs eRep offers at some point, like the latest Autumn Pack (XS - XL), the XL pack offers 500 stingers that just can't be used. It offers 6 Air boosters that can't be used. That is a TON of wasted resources. And we shall pay 1.000 Gold for that offer. Actually, most offers aren't really good for IK players, except the common packs like PP, MP and such of course.


Again, I am not saying to take off the Infantry Kit. It's essential to those, that wanna stay in their lower divisions. But it is not that tempting anymore, to even stay in those named lower divisions. So, I am asking YOU, the community and YOU, the eRep developing team to get some major changes for either IK OR the way you drop your extra packs with better offering for lower division players. Because they still exist. And in theory, they still matter.



Thanks for reading,


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