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tw Wars Training Wars

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Posted 03 April 2021 - 08:33 PM



Esplanada dos Ministérios, Bloco L - Brasília
Saturday 16 January 2021, day 4.806 of the New World.
Dear eBrazilian citizens,
The Ministry of Education is updating several eRepublik guides in its catalog, today we will talk about Training Wars. Let's go to the guide!
One of the most attractive modules of eRepublik for new players is the Military Module, after all, a good part of the game's economy revolves around wars and also, let's face it, the idea of killing people in games is attractive. 😉
Several newcomers arrive and go straight to the battlefield, and unload all their forces on the battlefield, preferably for Brazil, if not for any other country. What happens is that Brazil is not always "for real" in a war, and that is what we are going to explain now.
Did you see that I said up there that Brazil is not always "for real" in a war? This is due to the fact that many countries negotiate a pact of combined wars, the "Training Wars".
Currently it looks like the game revolves around Training Wars, as there aren't really serious wars going on at the moment.
There are two Training Wars schemes: In the most common Training War scheme, a country X must win whenever it attacks a region of country Y, and country Y must win whenever it fights to break free from the domination of country X.
Observe a Training Wars scheme in the list of wars below:
In the first war, in Xining, Qinghai, Macedonia (country X is competing against China (Country Y) and is 68 x 75. They are likely to win the air.
In the second war, in Urumqi, Xinjiang, China is resisting (note that above the flag there is an icon of a closed hand - this indicates the wars of resistance) to liberate that region and is gaining 53 Vs 2.
That is a Training War that is respecting the previously defined scheme.
Another Training War scheme, which Brazil currently uses, in which the territories are not dominated, with each country participating in TW defending its region, with no attack on the part of the attacker.
Brazil (North of Brazil) vs Portugal (Azores)
Brazil (North of Brazil) x Peru (Northern Low Amazon)
Brazil (Parana and Santa Catarina) x Romania (Occupies Rio Grande do Sul)
Brazil (Southeast of Brazil) x Bulgaria (Occupies Center West of Brazil)
A Training War begins with the consensus of the two countries and lasts until the governments of one of the countries decide to end the pact, which may or may not be marked with the signing of a Peace Treaty.
It is important to note that all taxes obtained by the dominated regions are returned to the country of origin. (for example: The taxes that Romania and Bulgaria collect while dominating 2 Brazilian territories must be returned to Brazil later)
I will enumerate the various reasons and argue about each one:
1st Greater retention of new players - It ends up being more interesting for new players to fight for their own country, so it gives them a greater encouragement to remain in the military branch;
2nd Higher tax collection in the market - If more Brazilian citizens are fighting, it will be necessary to buy more weapons and food, which develops the local market, puts money in the hands of businessmen and collects more taxes for the government;
3rd Soldier development - The more Brazilian soldiers fight, the more patent points they earn. When changing ranks, the soldier receives a damage bonus, which makes him stronger. The stronger a country's soldiers are, the better for it.
4th Largest collection with trophies - One of the main objectives of carrying out Training Wars is to provide citizens with the chance to obtain trophies (which the game insists on calling "Medals"), such as "Hero of the Resistance", "Hero of the Battle", " Campaign Hero "," True Patriot "and" Freedom Fighter ". These last two give 1000 BRLs of reward, and a small percentage of the prize goes to the country's coffers with tax. The more trophies are won, the more the country collects and the more it goes into the pockets of Brazilian citizens.
5th Closer ties between countries - A military pact between two countries is always good for a good relationship between government officials, as long as it is a Training War that respects the domination and liberation schemes previously defined. (a combined war going against the combined is not good for anyone)
NOTE: The difference between Training War in which there is no conquest of territory and there is no conquest of territory is the lesser possibility of winning trophies, since “Freedom Fighter” and “Hero of the Resistance” are not possible in this method.

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Posted 03 April 2021 - 08:34 PM

Hey guys,
In these months that I spent in front of the Ministry of Education I started to update several articles of the game.
I will be posting here now also for anyone who wants to use it in the game.

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