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[Moe] Game Rules

game rules

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The Problem97

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Posted 03 April 2021 - 09:18 PM



Esplanada dos Ministérios, Bloco L - Brasília
New World Day 4,767, December 8, 2020
Dear Brazilian,
Today we are going to talk about the Rules of the Game
- We ask that all citizens do their part in welcoming newcomers.
- A strong eBrasil can only come with a community educated in the mechanics of the game and in good coexistence.
The eRepublik community has different types of players, of different nationalities and languages. However, for all of them, the rules are the same. They were created by the need for a healthy community, with players who do not abuse Exploits and who maintain respect for others.
For that, 3 rules were created, all of them are small, but they cover many forms of abuse in the game. Let's show them and explain each one:




°Law 1: In this law, we have the basis for respect between players. It describes all bad actions that are prohibited, which include insults, pornography and outside advertising

Ban on External Advertising: Permanent

°Law 2: In this law, it is clear that using game BUGs or system failures for their own benefit is subject to banning and prohibited

°Law 3: This rule is the most controversial and the most discussed. Creating more than one account for personal use is illegal. Despite all the benefits of using Reffers gold, labor or voting in elections, this type of attitude is a reason for banning. In addition, the observation is that the market for accounts is prohibited and is liable to be banned, whether the exchange is made through sale or donation.

"First of all, it is good to make it clear that two or more accounts with the same IP are not a reason for banning. Of course, as long as they do not interact with each other! If you share IP with another player (your brother, wife or someone else) work, for example), it is highly recommended that you do not use the same password, do not exchange items and do not work at each other’s company. "



Banning for Multiple Accounts: Permanent
After the illegal act is proven, the player can suffer several types of punishments, which can be light, medium or extreme, we will comment on the types below:
° Removal of Golds / BRLs from the player's account (considering that he abused the game's mechanisms and that they do not have a high severity).
° Removal of attribute points, such as strength, experience and military rank points (if the player has used illegal mechanisms to gain them).
° Temporary or permanent ban (with the increase in the severity of punishment, it can lead to the loss of the account without the right to recovery).
There is a small table that explains the progress of a player's punishments:





When a player or ORG receives a "content block" he is limited to publishing or editing anything for a set time, however he may use other resources of the game.
When a player reaches 6 penalty points (FP), additional penalties such as increasing the banning time by 1 to 3 days and even a permanent ban can be added by the eRepublik team.
There is also the possibility of appeal and contact with administrators to find out the reason for a punishment, below is an example:
Account ban feedback example
Do you know of a player who is carrying out illegal activities? Did you discover a BUG that can be exploited by other players? In order for the game management to know about them, you need to contact them link.


° Select "Submit a Ticket".


° The next step is to select the option you want to send the Ticket to, either to report a BUG / Exploit, or to report multiple accounts.


° After filling out the text of the complaint, now it is enough to wait for the response from the game administrators. Below we will show an example of a conversation between administrators and another player who made one of these reports:







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#2 The Problem97

The Problem97

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Posted 03 April 2021 - 09:19 PM

Hey guys,
In these months that I spent in front of the Ministry of Education I started to update several articles of the game.
I will be posting here now also for anyone who wants to use it in the game.

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Posted 11 March 2024 - 07:40 AM

These rules and procedures aim to maintain fairness, respect, and a healthy gaming environment within eRepublik.

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