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[Moe] First Steps In Erepublik (12/2020)

First steps baby new erepublik newbies

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Posted 03 April 2021 - 09:42 PM


Esplanada dos Ministérios, Bloco L - Brasília
Tuesday, December 29, 2020, day 4,788 of the New World.
Dear eBrazilian citizens,

- In our effort to make life easier for newbies, the tdu4UWQ.png comes to update this article in order to update the welcome letter. For that, you need to update articles linked in the letter ...
- We ask that all citizens do their part in welcoming newcomers.
- A strong eBrasil can only come with a community educated in the mechanics of the game and in good coexistence.


First of all, welcome to eRepublik! In this tutorial you will find practically all the tips and instructions to play the game in Brazil in the best possible way. For you to be a prominent member in our community. You may have already realized that eRepublik is a social geopolitical simulator with an emphasis on economics, politics and, of course, war. Within eRepublik you are a citizen, and like everyone else, you must evolve in the social, political and military hierarchy to gain prestige and power.



As soon as you finish your registration, you will see the following page. In it, you see the Initial Welcome Message, signed by the President of the Country (CP), with some basic information. Read with attention. Then you can continue worry-free. The welcome message is standardized, and shows the countries we are fighting against, including those with which we have Training Wars.
After clicking on Continue again we will choose which Military Unit we will enter:




After entering and continuing you will become a recruit for any regiment of the chosen eBrasil Military Unit.
Click Continue and the eRepublik Page will update.
This is now the home page of eRepublik, for those who just joined the game. To facilitate the explanation, we enumerate each point on the page that we consider most important:



1. This is the Main Menu. In it you will find the link to all the important pages for the game.
2, 3 and 4. The new players have a list of tutorials to be followed, which will present eRepublik almost completely to newbies. After completing this tutorial, this part disappears. More details in this article.
5. Your side menu. It will have several important information, such as your amount of life (energy), how much money you have, messages and alerts. In addition to your nickname and your experience level (XP).
6. This is your news feed, or ‘scrapbook’, also called shouts: Every eRepublik player can write in this space that all their friends in the game will appear to them. That is why it is important to always add everyone you come across (communicating is essential). When you join a Party and / or a Military Unit, 2 more tabs will appear for you to communicate.
7. Short list of the wars of the day. This is the campaign ordered by the President, but others may also appear below. Pay attention to the National feed with daily orders.
8. Here will appear calls for the Missions of the game, that upon completion of these, the player will receive bonuses, items, strength, etc. But beware, not all of them need to be completed. Look for the Game Missions tutorial.
9. This is the game's news board. All players have the right to have their own newspaper - like this one - and write whatever they want there. To learn more about the journalistic module, read this full article.
10. The Weekly Challenge gives you prestige points, which are used to exchange for items, which vary from week to week.

Initial tutorial: Train, Work, Accomplish Daily Tasks, Fight, Recover energy and Residence.
The focus of this article is to help you accomplish these small missions that appear on the "Tutorials" tab on the home page. After that, you will be ready to finish the real missions and enter the eRepublikano universe!
Remember the Main Menu? The first thing to do now is to go to the Training Fields, and we will find it with the help of the Menu, as shown in the image below:

Now, just select the field you want to train (usually it is already selected) and click on the Train button.

Select the FREE training (the first) and then training. Increasing the level of the Training Center (CT) increases the strength gained. (We recommend that you do not raise it at first). Follow the strength progress bar until you reach 250. This gives you 5 golds
There are other training camps, which are paid for in Golds (the game's universal currency). They will appear after reaching a certain XP level. We don't recommend that you spend your golds on training in the beginning, so let's stop here.

Now, starting from the premise that you already know how to train, let's learn how to work in the game? Let's go back to the Main Menu, under the "My Places" tab, we will go to the Companies section:



You can look for a job and earn a salary. To do this, just click on "Get a job" - as shown in the image below and select who you want to work for:

You are now employed. You work once a day, consuming 10 points of energy, receive your payment (deducted from taxes) and for every 30 days worked, you will receive a Medal of Hard Worker and 5 golds.



At eRepublik, any citizen can create their own companies. But before receiving your first company, you must have level 10. After reaching that level, you will receive 4 companies for free. However, you will need to have a Holding to use them:



The creation of Holdins is very intuitive, but you need to be aware of the region you created and its bonuses. As the subject is bigger, read our guide [MdE] Entendendo as Holdings.
After creating the Holding, just allocate your companies to it.

To work in your own companies (you need to be in the same region as the Holding), just select them and click the Start Production button:



And ready! How much you produced will appear. Its production can be used for own consumption or for sale. If you want to know more about how the local market works, [MdE] Guia Comercial.


Concluding ...

After working and training, just return to the home page and Collect your reward for completing your Daily Tasks. Do this daily, to gain 1 XP point and 1 strength. On the fifth day, you receive 5 XP and strength.

So let's go to our first fight. When fighting in eRepublik, there are two plausible options. We have air battles and land battles in the Main Menu in the Wars area
In land battles there are divisions (D1, D2, D3 and D4) and the player advances through them according to the experience gained, only players from that division can fight together.
In air battles there are no divisions, so all players fight together, so you don't need to retain experience.
The image below illustrates the types of battles:


The icon in the middle of the hexagon shows whether the battle is air or land
Why should you focus on Air battles? You are starting the game now, whether you want to help the country in wars or use battles as a way to get more golds ... FLYING is the best option for you!
In a few months you can achieve a high rank that can allow you to help our country more in the wars or win your medals of hero of the skies and 30 golds in the account ...
Meanwhile, in land battles, in addition to being patent, strength interferes with your damage ... making it necessary at least 5 years of training to have relatively good strength.
The government still wants to help you choose, it sends you food equivalent to your performance in air battles (Depends on the country)
And if you want to be a mercenary, guess what? Governments of all countries pay dearly, for whoever flies in the battle he needs ...
Do you have little reason to fly?
In some events you can earn Stingers (aerial weapons that do 1000 damage per hit) ... They can greatly accelerate your growth in the aeronautical rank ...
Besides facilitating and VERY conquering the first SH ...
Well, let's go back to the Tutorial's focus

We will choose to fight for our country. On the Wars menu interface, click on an aerial battle. Click on FIGHT in the battle for the HENAN region (region to be fought in the war).


You have a few options in the Deploy pop-up window. You may:
1. Use the bar to determine how much of your energy you want to use
2. Or write it down manually in the box on the right
3. Use the Max button. (To use the maximum amount of energy + energy bars / sweets / carrots, etc., limiting the system to 50 per Deploy)
4. Use the Food button to fight only with your energy (not with energy bars)


When flying, your damage statistics will appear. Many players prefer not to show the statistics again, as they are very difficult.

We will choose to fight for our country. On the Wars menu interface, click on a land battle. Click on FIGHT in the battle for the ZONA SUR region (region to be fought in the war).



If you shoot on land or in the air, and you have a weapon in your warehouse - your launch will automatically switch to shoot with the HIGHEST quality of the weapon you have.
You can easily change the weapon or select the first box - to shoot without a weapon.
(the player Rabbit of Caerbannog advises to do in Epic battles, for example)

When you fight, your kill statistics will appear. Many players prefer not to show statisticians again, as they get in the way.


Energy: expenditure and recovery
We've already done almost the entire tutorial! We still have to ... recover energy.



The image above is self-explanatory: with the mouse over the energy bar, you have information about your consumption:
1) Actions such as fighting, working (for each company) and training (for each training center) use 10 energy points. In return, you earn 10 every 6 minutes (totaling 100 per hour). Some Weekly Challenge prizes give you 20 every 6 minutes, but for a limited time.
2) The maximum health of a player can be 500. The maximum capacity increases as his level progresses, or by buying Energy Centers (in Advanced Constructions - My Places Menu).
3) You can have 100/100 "stored" and another 100 "stored". The greater your capacity, the greater your value to recover as well. For example, I can spend 500 energy, recover everything and spend 500 more. Then, just waiting for her to recover again.
You must be careful when visualizing the color of your energy recovery button, to make the decision that pays off most to you when regaining vitality:

Blue = you can recover energy using food.
Orange = you can only recover energy using the energy bars.
Gray = Either your energy bars and food are gone, or your vitality is full or you should wait for 6 minutes before recovering more energy using food.

Now you need to choose your home. You must go to Residences, and we will find you with the help of the MY PLACES Menu. When clicking, the following image will appear:

Cities are grouped into 5 levels based on the number of citizens who are resident in the city. You can see the size of the city on the page for each city.
The size of the city influences the values ​​of the residential and property tax and also affects the durability bonus of the homes of its residents.
To establish a residence in a city, a citizen needs to travel to the city, apply for a residential permit and pay the residential tax.
By choosing your residence you will be able to benefit from the durability of the home, size of the energy bar and energy recovery for the period of time you spend in that city.
NOTE: Residents will benefit from greater energy recovery and extra energy bar, as long as they are in the city of residence. When traveling abroad, the energy recovery bonus will be unavailable and the extra energy bar will be active for 30 minutes from the moment you leave the city.
There, you now know the basics of the game! There are still some other things left, like the missions (there, in the side menu) and the messaging system, but I'll leave it to you to find out, if not the tutorial gets too big…


eRepublik has its political module, with Parties and Elections. The party is a very intimate choice to make. The political module that is questioned a lot by the players is that there are not many options, with pros and cons, to be taken. As a result, parties have become a much more choice for group and affinity reasons than an ideological choice.
Anyway, to join a party, you must, again, go to the Main Menu, in Community as shown in the image.



You will be redirected to this page. Just confirm (you can come back later).


When you select Join a party, a list of the largest parties in the country will appear. Just choose the one you like the most and try to fit in with the crowd.


Now we have to see the Military Units (MU). They function as groups that organize to fight. The Brazilian Army has its own and so do the militias (they are independent armies).
To join an MU, the process is very similar:

Access to Military Units

Below, Brazilian Military Units will appear. Choose the one that most pleases you and that offers you what you are looking for.




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Posted 03 April 2021 - 09:42 PM

Hey guys,
In these months that I spent in front of the Ministry of Education I started to update several articles of the game.
I will be posting here now also for anyone who wants to use it in the game.

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Posted 06 April 2021 - 05:30 AM

The first step should be buy an account


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Posted 10 April 2021 - 11:08 PM

The first step should be buy an account




is what happens most when I talk about the reality of the game.

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