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[Moe] Guide - Political Positions


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Posted 11 April 2021 - 12:55 PM



Esplanada dos Ministérios, Bloco L - Brasília
Wednesday, April 7, 2021, day 4,887 of the New World.
Dear eRepublikanos citizens,
The Ministry of Education is updating several eRepublik guides in its catalog, today we will talk about Political Positions in eRepublik. Let's go to the guide and have a good reading!
One of the eRepublik modules that most arouses the interest of new players is the Political Module, probably due to the problematic situation in which Brazilian politics is found in real life and how it affects the whole of society.
Many babies arrive here wanting to enter politics, sometimes not even understanding what it takes to achieve such a position. This edition aims to solve this problem.
This article is part of the government's plan for April, which is to update the articles in the collection of the MoE website for the Ministry of Education and update them.
Before we start, it is necessary to point out that there are 3 elections per month, on the 5th, 15th and 25th of each month. There are the positions obtained through elections and the positions obtained through “nominations”.

The Dictator has full command of the country, being able to pass or reject laws, grant citizenship and use the country's financial reserves. It is important to note that Dictator is the Commander of the Military Unit who carried out the military coup in the respective country.
In the past, several countries lived in a Democratic Dictatorship. What does that mean? The president-elect was given the command of the Military Unit, and consequently the post of Dictator.


Elections for President of the Country take place every 5th of every month. It is important to point out that, unlike the congressional elections, all parties can cast a candidate.
Once elected, the President will have country control and legislative powers, unless the country is under a dictatorship.
In a democracy, the President of the Country must respect the will of Congress in order to act in accordance with the interests of the population.
For elections for President of the Country, which are the most important of the three elections, it is very common for parties to seek support from one another for their candidates.


The Vice-President of the Country is a position of trust, or sometimes, a position of partnership (when the support pact between parties is involved).
The Vice-President receives from the President/Dictator the technical position of "Prime Minister", and is tasked with assisting the President in administrative matters, and assuming the Presidency of the Country if he suffers Impeachment.


Congressional elections take place every 25th of each month, as long as the country is not totally dominated by another country.
This is the election that most confuses new players, for 2 reasons:
1- Only the 5 largest parties can run candidates. If a party that is not in the top five intends to elect congressmen, the Party President needs to try to negotiate support for one of the top 5 parties, in exchange for seats in Congress.
2- It is very common to have newbies creating articles to ask to vote for them in the Congressional elections. In these elections, you don't vote for a candidate, but for the party. The more votes a party has, the more candidates it elects.
In dictatorships the congress is closed and in a democracy or democratic dictatorship, Congressmen participate in CPIs and vote on laws, proposals, rate increases, etc. through Telegram.
Congressmen with more experience and knowledge could become presidents of Congress, mediating some of the political processes in the Plenary.

Elections for Party President take place every 15th of the month.
The Party President has the highest authority within the party, and he is the one who grants party colleagues the positions of vice president, spokesman, councilor and secretary.
The Party President is responsible for setting priorities on the list of candidates for Congress and for discussing with other parties about support in elections.
The party president, once in office, can edit basic party information, such as name and description (although there is a consensus among everyone that it is dishonest to do so in traditional parties)

The Party Vice-President is always considered to be the President's assistant, having no power other than those the Party President gives him. He is usually the second official, in the absence of the President.
A citizen who is a party spokesperson occupies a very important position in any party that intends to maintain an internal or external activity.
Porta-Voz is the guy who will publish Communiqués and Party articles in his newspaper for the whole community. In that case, the citizen must, at the very least, have good writing skills.
Party advisers are usually role-play positions or positions given to experienced players within politics. When the position is given to an experienced politician, he is responsible for guiding the Party President in certain attitudes.
The Secretary-General, a few years ago, in the days of eRepublik's greatest activity, was a position that held greater importance in politics. Currently the position exists more like a roleplay, and administrative functions are rarely given to a secretary-general.
Whether in democratic or dictatorial governments, having active Ministries is essential to any national policy.
In eRepublik there are Ministries foreseen in the game (Ministry of Education, Defense, Finance and Foreign Affairs) and complementary Ministries, not foreseen in the game (Ministry of Communications, Culture and Assistance)
Ministers are positions of trust granted by the president-elect or the dictator. They must manage the activities belonging to the branch to which they were assigned, during this period.
Many Ministries need a complementary team to assist in the work.
The citizens that make up the teams of each Ministry can be chosen by the Minister, chosen by the President/Dictator or even selected through competitions and recruitments.
Each citizen is part of a ministerial team that performs the tasks assigned to them
The MoE team thanks you for reading and wishes everyone a great night.
We ask you to vote for the article so that the information gets to our ePopulation faster!
Remember! Respect for the other's ideology and unity is essential for us to return to our glory days!



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Posted 11 April 2021 - 12:57 PM

Hey guys,
In these months that I spent in front of the Ministry of Education I started to update several articles of the game.
I will be posting here now also for anyone who wants to use it in the game.

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