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[Moe] How To Start An Rw?

rw resistence start

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Posted 24 April 2021 - 03:49 PM



Esplanada dos Ministérios, Bloco L - Brasília
Sunday, April 11, 2021, day 4,891 of the New World.
Dear citizens,
The Ministry of Education brings you a tutorial on how the opening of a War of Resistance works, or as we say, RW. Let's go to the guide and have a good reading!
The Wars of Resistance are wars initiated by citizens who want to liberate the regions of their country or the occupation of others.

Starting a Resistance War

You and nine other citizens can start a resistance war.



You can only support and start a resistance war if:
1. You are located in the region you want to release;
2. Possess 1000cc to support;
3. Ten (10) citizens to support the resistance war;
4. The region needs to be conquered for more than 24 hours;
5. The country's resistance force is not fighting a resistance war in another region in the same country;
6. The region is not involved in a campaign.

The War of Resistance will start automatically after the tenth citizen supports the War of Resistance.
NOTE: You will receive the Resistance Hero medal if the region is released.


If the reconquest of the region of the country (by normal war or natural enemy) happens before the resistance war begins, the citizens who supported the resistance war will receive the 1000cc back.

For example: The South Australia Region is occupied by Indonesia. Eight players support the resistance war that has not yet started. If Australia, the region's original owner, conquers the region through a traditional battle, the eight citizens who paid 1000cc to start the resistance war will get their money back.


Now, if the resistance war fails (the occupier defends the region) the citizens who supported the resistance war will not be able to support another resistance war in the next 7 days. They will be able to see the Support button, but when they click on it, a message will appear explaining why they cannot support the resistance war.
In addition, citizens can show their approval of a resistance war by voting for it at no cost. These votes do not count as support. If you voted or supported a resistance, you will be informed when the resistance war starts via alert.


Fighting a resistance war

To fight you must reside in the country that owns the region where the resistance war is active. The fighting process is the same as in normal battles. The only difference is that you must choose the side you want to fight. The side is chosen from the war page:


Choose the side by pressing the corresponding choice. Resistance is on the Right (owner of the region) and the defender is on the Left. The name of the region is at the top of the battle.

When a region is kept under occupation, the "players" determination to overthrow the occupants increases over time. This leads to a bonus of determination that multiplies the influence in a battle against the occupier.
For example, Finland freed Lapland from the 200-day Swedish occupation, and Sweden attacks the region a few days later. Finland and its allies will still have a big boost of determination when they defend. If, however, Sweden conquers the region despite the high level of determination bonuses, the determination will be reset to 0.


The MoE team thanks you for reading and wishes everyone a great afternoon.
We ask you to vote for the article so that the information gets to our ePopulation faster!
Remember! Respect for the other's ideology and unity is essential for us to return to our glory days!




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The Problem97

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Posted 24 April 2021 - 03:50 PM

Hey guys,
In these months that I spent in front of the Ministry of Education I started to update several articles of the game.
I will be posting here now also for anyone who wants to use it in the game.

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: rw, resistence, start

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