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Account Safety

Account safety Hacking Email Safety Code Dissolve

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#1 Zacharia Raven

Zacharia Raven


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Posted 24 May 2014 - 08:09 PM

Losing eRepublik account is tragic and terrible experience. It means not only losing gold and other assets, but also possibly years of invested time and energy. This guide aims at reducing the number of accounts lost to hackers and other thieves.


No-one is safe


You don't need to be a President, Media Mogul or greatest military force to become a target of account theft. Personal attacks and mass-thefts happen to everybody. Being invisible might mean, that the thief figures nobody caring about the account. Being famous obviously makes one easy target. One feed post might offend random person, and give him a reason to start harming another player. Never underestimate the will to cause damages.


In-game safety


Safety Code


If the worst case scenario happens and the account is stolen, first target often are the companies built. These can be dissolved unless Safety Code is activated.




You can ask for resetting your Security Code from http://www.erepublik.com/en/tickets --> Game support --> Safety code

Be ready to prove your ownership of the account.


Also "Please note: If your account gets hacked/phished and your safety code is NOT set, in cases where your companies/training grounds get downgraded you will NOT get any support/refund for your lost goods." As stated in this topic


Don't store you Safety Code in any erepublik related email account.


In short, Safety Code is extremely important ingame safety measure. If you don't know or remember your code, get it ASAP:




Should someone have learned your email, he can try to guess or even brutehack the password. Best thing is to renew your password regularly, for example monthly. Next, you should use random-generated passwords, like with https://identitysafe...word-generator/


Don't store your password in any erepublik-related email-account, or their cloudservices. Losing the login email account means that thief can use Forgot Password to reset the password, but other emails might include ones used for external docs or pads.


Email-related safety measures


Most important part of account safety starts with protecting your login email. You should use different email for login and other, such as external docs and pads - no-one should know which email you use to login. Furthermore, you should use variety of account protection levels, such as text-message verification after unusual login attempt. Gmail for example uses 2-step verification. It is also possible to mask the email address using certain services to further reduce risks of theft.


After theft


Sometimes nothing just helps, and account is stolen. Immediate contact via ticket system increases your chances of minimizing the losses, and if you have Safety Code, maximizing the compensation. Be prepared to prove the ownership of the account as well as time frame for the theft.




- Any reason is possible reason for theft; No-one is safe

- Safety Code: required for compensation, prevents dissolving, if you don't have or remember it, ask reset from http://www.erepublik.com/en/tickets --> Game support --> Safety code

- Password: Renew often, use random generator

- Email: Use separate emails for login, personal and other uses. Be the only one who knows login email. Use text-message verification

- Report theft immediately

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#2 Yilmaz Turkman

Yilmaz Turkman


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Posted 04 August 2016 - 07:20 AM

How can i recover my hacked acc ? i have security code, and ownership informations... He change even e-mail -.- any help ?

#3 Gucio


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Posted 17 August 2016 - 07:17 AM

How can i recover my hacked acc ? i have security code, and ownership informations... He change even e-mail -.- any help ?



Sorry I have only just seen this. Please send us an email to support@erepublik.com

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