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Contest Rules & Submission Guidelines

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Posted 17 September 2015 - 11:40 PM

Every day there are hundreds of articles written some of them are amazing, some of them are funny and some of them are very serious. At eRepublik we want to support the passionate and talented community of journalists by running a unique competition.

The contest will run from day 2,859 09:00 eRepublik time and ends on day 2,866 23:59 eRepublik time. This gives you seven days to write the most amazing article you have ever written.


Major news organizations in the world strive to get concise, unbiased updates to its readers. They monitor all newsworthy stories, filter and present the stories that matter. This is what the competition will be about, a weekly story summarising the most important events in eRepublik.

You can use any tool available to create your masterpiece article where the topic that you can write about is what happened in eRepublik in the last 14 days. This can include but not limited to, wars, political scandals, economic analysis, major events, diplomatic developments, community news, are just a few ideas.

Terms & Conditions ( Rules )

- Up to 10 pictures allowed in the article. Headers, footers, line-breaks are permitted and not included in the 10 pictures.
- Vulgarities, racism, pornography, insults, flaming, spam and/or external advertising is disallowed.
- Minimum 500 words maximum 1800 words.
- External Links are not allowed but Internal ones are. E.g. a link to an article in-game or a profile is allowed but a link to an external article isn’t allowed.
- The article must be relevant and cover the previous 14 days of events from the closing date of the competition.
- Article must be in English.
- Editing the article after submission is not allowed.


We are huge fans of google applications and hence you can create a document on google drive and upload your article there before day 2866, once you have uploaded the document you must fill out this form. Please note that you are free to publish your article in your newspaper on day 2866.

Judges, Scoring & Rewards

3 Judges have been selected from the community, they know who they are but they don’t know each other. The three judges will be awarding points on content, aesthetics and relevance.
1 Judge will be responsible for ensuring the rules were followed and award points based on the rules whilst the last Judge will be responsible for scoring based on ease of understanding the article.

Each judge can give a maximum of 10 points per article and the maximum points a contestant can win is 50. Judges will not know what the others have scored.

The rewards will be in gold and not currency, they will be directly deposited into the winner's account.


The Judges will submit their scores before day 2,869 09:00 eRepublik time and the winners will be announced in the evening of day 2,869 on the Forums.

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