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Mechanics And Functionality Inside A Party

suggestions party politics mechanism members president vote

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Posted 25 January 2016 - 06:57 PM


since I became politically active recently, I couldn't help but to realize that leaders of the parties lack tools to make them more functional and similar to RL events. The topic I want to discuss here is membership control.

As you know MU leaders have a tool at their disposal to expel members and hence control the membership. Party leaders lack this kind of a tool.

Since this game is supposed to simulate RL to an extent and the whole game is based on democracy (or a form of it) and it's counterpart dictatorship, I believe that party presidents should have more power and tools when it comes to regulating party membership.

First reason for me to say this is opposition: while it is good for a certain president to have an opposition inside the party (it makes him work harder to gain their trust, adds some more fun to the party elections) it is also detrimental when before mentioned opposition is obstructing the work, spams party feed with insulting comments and thus ruins the experience of playing the game and being a party member for many players who are forced to witness profane language and insults on the feed. In this case, party president should have the tool to expel a member (either directly or by calling for a referendum inside the party, so then rest of the members can vote on that matter). I think that "referendum mechanism" would be the best option because it would obey the rules of democracy and prevent totalitarian regime (if the player in question is allowed to stay as an opposition it means he's doing a good job and that party members agree with his opinions, if he's expelled it means he didn't do anything constructive but only spammed and insulted other members)

Second reason is that I have witnessed (especially in times of congress elections) members of other parties (usually from parties that are on other side of spectrum of country politics) joining the party and then spamming the feed promoting their parties and making it impossible for real party members to use the feed effectively. In this scenario, it is crucial for party president to be able to remove those individuals from their party in order for it to continue functioning properly.

I'm looking forward to the comments from the community, either in the form of a criticism or a suggestions how this system can be improved.


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Posted 26 January 2016 - 03:15 AM

I believe this is a major issue which interferes with players' experience of the game. It is one thing to voice criticism of the party leadership and it is another to insult other players, spam party wall and sabotage the work of the party as an agent of the other party from within. In RL political parties such people can get expelled. There should be a mechanism  would enable the party to expell the trouble-makers. I believe that some kind of voting should take place or that admins should be able to expell a party member who has had at least three FPs for breaching the Erepublik laws on the party wall. If this is too harsh, than one should introduce the criterion of being temporarily baned at least once...

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