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Your First Day Of Your Elife In The New World

first day elife tutorial help guide what to do

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Posted 02 August 2013 - 03:25 PM

Hello! Welcome to eRepublik!

Some of you probably have found your way around eRepublik and it’s feature, though this guide should answer all of your questions on what you can do in the first two days of your New eLife in the New World.

Here’s the layout of your page.




It might look like a little bit too much, but Hey! Don’t freak out! We all have pretty much similar layout!

Let’s start from the top. On the top of the page you can see the current New World Day and the time (USA LA timezome). Below you can find the most useful Menu Bar in the whole menu, it has pretty much the most important and useful links to different game modules and pages.

The Left Panel is probably the most important part of the page as well. As you can there is a little Tutorial at the top of the Panel. The Tutorial will go through the most important tasks in eRepublik, it is a one time event, as soon as you complete it, it will disappear and never pop up again.

Below the tutorial you can see more useful links and features:

Your avatar - Is a custom picture which you can change by accessing your profile and then clicking the edit profile button.

Messages - The messages page contain all the messages sent by different citizens to you. At start you will always have 1 unread message from the President, I suggest reading it as it might contain some useful information and some freebies! :)

Alerts - Every time you get a new donations, friends request, win elections or any other important events occur you will get an alert.

Energy status - Shows how much energy you can consume and how long it will take until your energy recovers.

Daily tasks - You can only complete the daily task once a day, you can do so by working and training.

Shouts - They are quite empty at the start, but as soon as you join a Party, Military Unit or get some friends you will see a lot more posts!

Military Campaigns - There you can see the Campaigns that are taking place in your country.

Top news - You can read the hottest news from your country.



The Missions!

You can see them in the Left Panel. The missions are a one time event, once you complete a mission you cannot complete it again. The missions that you can see will go through the first steps of your Life in the New World, but hey! This tutorial will also go through the key steps of the New World. Here’s your first mission!




Strength is really important, the more strength you have the more damage you can make in battles! You can gain strength by Training or Completing Special Missions. You can access the training grounds by going to My Placesin the top menu and then by clicking the “Training grounds” below the menu. You should see a page like this:




At start you will only see the first Free Training Ground, but very soon all of them will be available. You can train by selecting one of the grey people and then clicking the “Train” button. Training at each training ground gives you 2 Experience Points and consumes 10 Energy. My personal advice here, at the start only train with the Free Training ground. Collect money to upgrade the other Training grounds, starting from the first one (eRepublik quite often does a Special Offer where you can upgrade the training grounds with a 44% discount, so might be worth to wait for one of those).




Here, you have completed your first mission! You have received a reward! Now you can try to have a go at the other missions.







Each time you work or train the game will consume 10 of your Energy. Energy is also consumed when fighting, though the amount of energy consumed at once can vary on the enemy’s strength or weapon. Each time you level up your energy will get automatically refilled. However on daily basis the game allows you to recover 10 more energy every 6 minutes, so quite often you will need to wait some time before you can consume the food to recover the energy. My strong suggestion, don’t use the Energy Bars straight away. Stock them up and then use them to get the Battle Hero Medals.

Let’s go to work!

I think it’s a good time to go to work now. You can work by going to “My Places”.


Now there’s a choice you can work for someone or you can work in your own companies. Why don’t you do both? :) Firstly, you need to get a job you can get one by either clicking the button or going to the “Market -> Job Market”.




This is the Job market, the jobs are sorted by the highest salary first, so you might as well just apply for the first job.


After you’ve applied for your first job you can start working. Though, keep in mind the salary you can see is before you get taxed, so overall you will always receive less than it says :) Working at each of your own companies or working for someone else always gives you 2 Experience Points and consumes 10 Energy from your account.




Few important facts before you work for your own companies. There are two types of companies, one is the raw materials companies and the second type are the manufacturing companies. When working in a Raw Material company you will either make Food (FRM) or Weapon (WRM) Raw Materials. You cannot consume those, you can only use them to manufacture weapons or food, or you can simply sell them.

In order to work in the Manufacturing companies you will need to have the correct amount of Raw Materials. The amounts can depend on the quality of products made and the amount of products manufactured (it can be different in all countries based on the bonuses from the regions). Company wise you can either buy companies (Market -> Companies for sale) or create them. There is really no difference for the Quality 1 companies, however once you get to the higher quality companies very often it is cheaper to purchase the company rather than create it, so it might be worth for you to have a look around. Keep in mind you can only work and train once a day!




Any items or products you produce willalways show under the Storage. Whenever you consume items, the number of products in your storage will decrease. You can also sell different products through the storage and you can build Bazookas.






Now, let’s get to the serious business - fighting. Fighting is one of the most important daily tasks to do in order for a country to survive. Each time you defeat an enemy, you will receive Experience Points and some Military Rank. The higher your Military Rank is the more damage you will make. Each time you rank up you will get an energy bar and +5% bonus to your damage. Different weapon qualities make different damage. The higher the quality of the weapon that you’re using the more damage you will make. In all battles you can fight by clicking the Fight button. In the MPP (Mutal Protection Pact) battles you can also fight by using the Guerrilla Module.





Levelling up!

Each time you work or train you will receive 2 Experience Points per one factory/training ground. When fighting you will always gain one experience point per 10 energy that is consumed (this doesn't include the Guerilla Fights). Each time you level up you will receive 1 gold and your energy will get refilled. At certain levels, certain features of the game and modules get unblocked, you can see a full list here. You will also reach the new divisions when reaching certain Experience Levels. Each division gives you a different amount of gold per a Battle Hero Medal and you generally fight with the stronger players or the players of your level.





Joining a Military Unit

At some point you will get a missions which will ask you to join to a Military Unit, but you can of course join before by going to "Community -> Military unit" in the main menu. Then you should see page with some suggested Military Units. All countries have different units so it might be worth read the descriptions of the military units to see which ones support new players. Once you join a Military Unit you will be asked to defeat 10 enemies before you can become a full member. Once you become a full member you will be able to see and defeat enemies for your Daily Order. Each time you complete a daily order you will receive 1 Energy Bar and 5 Bazooka Parts. Upon joining a Military Unit you should also see the shouts of the MU on your homepage.





Your Starter Pack!

At some point you will see the starter pack. I’m not saying you have to make a purchase but just trying to say generally it’s quite a good offer which you won’t see so often.





The Marketplace

You can access the Marketplace by going to "Market -> Marketplace" in the menu. On the marketplace you will find anything you might ever need to buy which could the Raw Materials, Weapons or Food. Once you run out of food you will need to buy some for sure. The higher quality food gives you the more energy, it also has a higher price, but it takes less of your storage place. So generally if you have the storage place I would recommend buying and using the Q1 food. Weapons is a bit different story. The higher the quality of weapons the more damage you deal on the battlefield and the less energy it takes to defeat the enemy (this can vary a little bit).



Joining a party
When you reach Level 13 you will be able to join a party. If you're looking to go into the political part of the game, then joining a party might be a good start. As a party member you could always try to become a party president, which is quite the "local" position in your party. You could also go further and become a Congress Member where you could manage your country with other congressmen of your country or you could even become a Country President and be the head of the country. The politics can sometimes require a lot of time in order to gain the trust of the other citizens, but once you manage to get the trust, everything usually flows nicely and smoothly. Remember, the elections take place on: 5th (Country President), 15th (Party President) and 25th (Congress) of each month.




What else can you do?

That's a good question, there are quite a few things you can also do on daily basis. Reading the press might be useful as you will be able to get the knowledge of what is going within your country as well as what is going on in other countries. You could also visit your national IRC channel and get to know people from your country. Most channels are based on the Rizon or the Quakenet IRC Networks. A small hint, usually most parties or military units have also their own channel on the IRC. You can also visit #erepublik on Rizon. Learning the game mechanics could also be useful and beneficial if you're looking to start a political career or even if you want to aim higher in your Military Unit. :)



Useful Links

UK Tutorial for new players


If you have any suggestions on how to improve this tutorial, you are more than welcome to comment. If you need help then please make a new thread in an appropriate section.

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